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WordPress vs Laravel vs CodeIgniter

WordPress vs Laravel vs CodeIgniter

WordPress vs Laravel vs CodeIgniter. Three best web framework and tools for web development. Have a look at the features of each of them.

WordPress, Laravel and CodeIgniter. The top three web development tools and web framework respectively. In today’s world where everything and everyone is online 24hr/7. Your business demands to be online as well. If you are a writer or content creator. Your talent should be online as well. Days where one has to go left and right, up and down. Today you just need to constantly polish your work. And post it online. And you are good to go. The web will do its work rest on your skills.

Hence, even talented people who are not running a business. Are also coming up with their web apps and websites. Websites are playing an important role in our lives. The first thing we do for authentication of any company is. Checking out their website. With different type of work comes a different type of website. Laravel, CodeIgniter and WordPress are somewhat similar. But really very different from each other. Have look at the features of Laravel, WordPress and CodeIgniter.

WordPress vs Laravel vs CodeIgniter


In 2003 WordPress was developed. WordPress is very famous because of “five-minutes-installation”. It works on MySQL database. WordPress is free and open-source. Anyone can use WordPress.

WordPress Features

Simple Interface

WordPress has a simple and very useful interface. The interface of WordPress is designed in away. That someone who has no knowledge. About the website and how it works. That person can also use the website without any issue. It allows you to directly attach images, videos, links, HTML etc. on your website. Someone with moderate coding and technological knowledge. Can also work on WordPress.

Content Management System

WordPress is free and open-source. It is based on the CMS. Content Management System. This means you can organize your content. Edit, Retrieve, Delete, Publish your content quickly. It also allows admin to add multiple authors.

Free License

WordPress provides a free license to its users. That means you can modify your website whenever you want to. You do not need to pay for any premium features. Until you want to. Need not to pay anything to WordPress separately.


WordPress has a wide range of plugins. Plugins mean tools. You can use to improve the functionality of your website. Themes are also available on WordPress. To enhance the appearance of your website. Talking about responsive themes. WordPress provides you with responsive themes as well. That means these themes will adjust the resolution of your website. According to the visitor’s device size.

Blogging Tool

Well, WordPress is a great deal for bloggers as it has special blogging tools. Blogging tools like nested comments, themes, plugins. It also has comment moderation, theme integration, content management. You can also add tags, categories, labels, permalinks. Media management like uploading files, images, audios and videos.


Laravel was developed as an alternative for CodeIgniter. In 2011 Taylor Otwell came up with Laravel. Difference between Laravel, CodeIgniter and WordPress. Laravel provides its user’s. With authentication and authorization.

It is Php based framework. It has an MIT license and is MVC based web framework.

Features Of Laravel


Authentication of Laravel is very strong. It is an important feature for any network. Authentication deals with Password, Forgot Password, Registration etc. Hence, authentication is very important for the security of the website.

Template Engine

It consists of Blade Engine. The blade Template engine is a language. It is used to design blocks and layouts. From predefined blocks containing dynamic content.

Schema Builder

This feature is used to maintain. Database, Database migrations and PHP.


It has a built-in tool known as the command line. Artisan is the feature. By the help of which you can repeat commands. Not every PHP framework is provided with this facility. You can also use them for creating skeleton codes, database structure and database migration.


Laravel allows you to create your own website’s database you have to create it yourself.


CodeIgniter is an Open-source. The license used is MIT. Free for everyone. It is a web development framework. The framework was developed for the web application. Written in PHP language. This framework lacks authentication and authorization.

Features of CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter consist of MIT License. This License provides CodeIgniter open-source platform. Secure and open for everyone who wants to use it.


It is a search engine friendly source. Because CodeIgniter does not follow standard query methods. This is a reason it has a good search engine optimization system.


MVC- First is a model representing. Second, the visualization of data. Last, control due to which secure and stable system controlling both model and view are developed.


No doubt, CodeIgniter has a great PHP framework as well. It consist of small footprints. CodeIgniter can provide you with full-featured web applications. It is fast and have a great speed. You can also create dynamic websites via PHP. Just like WordPress, Laravel it is also written in PHP language.

Other Features

CodeIgniter has FTP Class and localization. It also deals with Large library of “helper” functions. It is a Model-View-Controller based system. However, it provides Data encryption facilities as well. Form and Data Validation, Security and XSS Filter, Session Management are also part of the CodeIgniter system.


Putting up a conclusion over. WordPress vs Laravel vs CodeIgniter. We would like to suggest before going for any of these. Have a complete analysis. Analyse your needs. Your website requirements. Because every platform is different. However, the foundation of these frameworks is similar. Also, these platforms are powerful and are open-source. Choosing between them is actually difficult. However, you can choose depending upon what type of blog or website you are going to publish on your website. Checkout if the type of your business and blog has a growth on the respective platform or not. Because each platform has different facilities for its users.

Laravel is developed with a strongly. Implemented authentication system. And Consistency in database migrations. It can also provide you with. The fast and painless deployment of applications. For app development. Laravel has all of it. Simple validation and authorization process for web apps. It shows consistency in database migrations. And has a large supporting community worldwide. It provides you with very easy and manageable automated tasks.

Talking about WordPress. No doubt it has turned out to be king of web development frameworks. When WordPress itself is considered a web tool. WordPress one of those platforms. Which has Search-engine friendly structure. It has integrated link management. And clean permalink structure.

Thankyou for visiting us, Keep reading and learning with us.

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