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Why startups should hire a development agency

Why startups should hire a development agency

Why startups should hire a development agency? New startups always stuck with this question. But startups should hire. A development agency. And here is Why?

Startups, one of the most explored career option. The startup is nothing but new business. Steve Blank defined startup as. “temporary organization designed to look for a business model. That is repeatable and scalable”.

These small startups. Get themselves trapped into questions. How to grow a startup? Is a startup worth it? Why isn’t our startup growing? Relax! Every startup takes some time to evolve. If you are a startup or planning one. You should first understand it. Your startup plans are important to be clear and understood. The second step here is planning. Plan your startup because without any plan. You will probably drown.

Learn from the mistakes of other startups. Every startup is different. But mistakes are the same. One of the biggest mistakes of all time is. Not hiring any development agency. You might have thought marketing is easy. You can do everything on your own. People you know might support you. Turns out that you and your team is all alone into this. With zero preparations and marketing techniques. Basic knowledge of marketing is not enough. However, it can add to your startup. So what are the basic facilities you will be provided? Is it good to invest in this for a small startup?

So many questions must be doing Disco on your Brain. Let’s understand all aspects of Development Agencies.

Development Agency

Development agencies help strengthen innovation ecosystems. Your business tactics should be planned according to the latest business trends. Because that helps to attract more people towards your startup. You can call Development agency as PR Agency as well. It sort of doesn’t make any big change. DA plans your marketing strategies. Every brand and product require an innovative idea for branding and marketing. At this point, your mind must be saying. Do not waste your money, just don’t. But you should. If you think you can do marketing on your own. This is your mistake. Because every specific thing needs different strategies. However, you might even come close to marketing strategies. But its execution, that is a hard part to break. Every startup company has basically two types of misconceptions. Let us burst them first.


One of the most harmful misconception for your startup. Firstly, advertising and PR are the same. They have no difference. Then why waste extra money on PR. So, before you make any final decision. Understand if your product needs Ad or PR. Where is the growth of your startup. Work of PR or development agency is beyond planning marketing strategies. PR will focus on your brand. And Ad will focus on products. Suppose you are paying to an Ad agency for Laptop Ad of your brand the Ad agency will focus on its features. It will focus on your Laptop so that people can buy that. But, it will not focus on your brand much. And for any company be it a startup or anything.

The first challenge is to earn respect in the eyes of buyers. For instance, Apple is a company whose products are sold. Because of its brand name first and after that people come to the quality of the product. So the point is strong PR can earn you that. After this everything becomes easy for any startups.

Secondly, the PR agency will work on educating the audience about your brand. Because for sure you and your team can not focus on that. As it is important and priority for you to create a quality product. This way, your PR will speak about your products on different platforms. Plan for further marketing tricks. And behind, you can work on your product completely. So bust the bubble of “our team is enough” “only quality of product matters”. You are enough and product quality matters. But the brand name does magic.

Role of PR in Startups

Maximize Launch

PR helps to organize the launch of your products. And educate people about your product. PR uses social media, magazines and newspaper. This way, you can reach to the mass popularity. Marketing strategy is changing by each passing day. Every other day we have introduced another amazing marketing strategy. With social media and digitalization. It is important to reach out to popularity. Having an interest in purchasing the type of products you make. If you are wise enough. You will want to hold hands of grand launch and great quality both. Because PR is important for the grand launch.

Media Relationships

PR firms mostly have good connections with big organizations. These big organizations can contact to influencers etc. So while choosing Development Agency check about their media relationships once. If you didn’t get the point yet. Remember “words of a famous organization or person matters more than a random person shouting on streets”.


Development Agencies has worked with many organization. They have experience of working with various companies. Your startup can most probably get a chance to feature in a magazine, article, event etc. Any public attention event related to your industry. Where you can introduce your startup to the new people. However, this totally depends on you. Your work is what will earn these opportunities.

Revitalize Products

How many products do you have at your home? You feel are waste. And people dislike those products. However, Development agencies have the power to turn coal into a diamond. They can revitalize your dead product. With great PR strategies, you can make that happen.

Increased Sales

When your product is correctly shown and talked about. People love your brand. Also, they buy your products because PR worked and customers found your products and brand-worthy.

To Stand out

You can stand out and compete. PR works like a magic for small businesses and startups. PR will work on branding your startup.

Firstly, if you are getting panic attacks. About costs and all. Take a deep breath. Relax! No need to burn holes in your pockets. You can get your work done under your budget also.

Reasons you should hire Development Agencies


Working with an experienced agency means a lot of experience and strategies. If they say “practice makes a man perfect”. There is nothing wrong in that. Experienced agencies know how to make anything work. Even if it is not perfect their perfect experience will make perfect. Such agencies don’t only have experience. But have knowledgable, educated and well-trained employees. They can handle any situation without calling out for a thunderstorm. Most of the agencies are experienced in this industry.

Save time and money

If you do not hire a Development agency. You are more likely to be busy in marketing and meetings etc. Hiring a PR will cut money as they know about costing and all. It will save your time as they will take marketing charge and work on strategy. While you can work on more important kinds of stuff like investing, innovating and experimenting on your startup.

Updated Strategies

Just like technology updates every day. Marketing strategies are also updated every day. Development Agencies work on both of these regularly upgrading platforms. So they know what they are actually doing. What they do to grow your startup is not something experimental. They know both consequences and Profit. As they are already working with a different type of startups and domains. They know which idea works on what.

Return on Investment

It is obvious if you are investing in a startup. You would want to earn a return on investment. Profit should be. But if you do not have a marketing strategy. Your startup will fail.

Fast achievement or say Results

For any new startup. How difficult it can become to do everything on your own. This isn’t the first time we are mentioning this issue with you all. Working on everything all alone. Can be frustrating and irritating. As well as you might only working from your aspects and prospective. Which is wrong. You need to work according to upgrading strategies and technologies. One step behind and you are out. Development agencies know what is outdated and what is updated. Hence, they can relatively work according to peoples need. Fulfilment of customers requirements is what makes you achieve your goal. That is possible only if you have a support system beside you. A support system who has complete knowledge about technology and marketing trends.

Typical Development Agencies work Process

If you are in doubt, How can Development Agencies work on so much all alone? Or, what is the procedure they work on then read this carefully? NOTE: Every startup is different please do not consider this as the process for every startup. This is just a typical process most of the Development/PR Agency follows. Editing of this process is also done according to the requirement and budget of the startup.


A strategy is discussed, your business plans are included. Preparation is talked about.


The interface, design of your website is discussed. Along with maintaining aesthetics of your site. As per business concerns.


Content and functionality of your site is taken care of. Developer makes sure they put your visions and their creativity on your site.


Testing of your site is done. Your site’s functionality is tested on different type of devices. Mainly speed and execution is tested.


As the name says it all. Your site is launched for everyone to see your visions. This includes launching of your products. Everything comes on your live server.

Thank you for visiting us. Keep reading and learning. Hope this helped you resolve queries about Why startups should hire a development agency.

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