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Best Website design & development company in Delhi, India

Website design & development

Website design & development. In the digital world. This is one of the popular demand. As every business is partially moving online. The necessity of having a website is also increasing. A website is a place for owners. They can represent their ideas, values and thoughts through the website. Your website not only speaks about your business. But it also speaks about the way you work. For successful business. Your company must have a website. The second step for any business owner is to hire a web developer. A web developer or web designer is a person. Who brings your ideas into reality. “No point having a beautiful thought if you can not follow it “. Similarly, having beautiful ideas but not the best website design. It is like killing your desires.

We at SKJCORP don’t believe in killing desires. We believe in turning your ideas into reality. SKJCORP is a Delhi based company. We understand having a good software means having a good business. Skjcorp is working in this industry from more than three years now. You can have a free consultation session with our team members. SKJCORP Consultation.

Before hiring any Website development company. You should seek some knowledge about their work. Or at least you should know some basic things before hiring a web designer.

Website design and development

Before submitting your assignment. You should do some good research. Similarly, before hiring a web development team. You should have knowledge of what they are providing you. What do you need for your website? And what are the basic things every web development company should offer you? We got you the list of questions. These questions might help you hire the best web designers.

Which platform do you think is best to build website?

Every web designer uses different platforms. So before you start working on your project. You should be knowing. What platform the web designing team is best at. Because more they are skilled. More you can make use of that skill. Suppose you hire a team which is skilled in WordPress. But you are hiring them for the custom made website.

No point of hiring! Why? Because they might work great on the custom-made website. But their skills would have come out on WordPress. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to choose to according to their skills. But try to hire a team. Which is skilled in more than two platforms. We at SJKCORP provide services in Web Designing, AR/VR, ML/AI and App development. Skilled as well as experienced employees. We also work on WordPress and various other platforms.

Do you work with custom code?

Building a website has become very easy. Anybody having least to no coding skills can develop one. All thanks to the latest technologies. You can develop a website as you want it to be. But your website comes to life via coding. We at SJKCORP can bring your ideas into reality through coding. These codes can help manipulate the functions and design of your website. This in turn brings out your vision of the website. Most commonly people look after people. Having knowledge about CSS. But we at SKJCORP can work on different programming languages as well.

What is the estimate deadline of your project?

Your project might have some deadline. The reason could be your launch or event. So make sure to provide a deadline if you have any. Also to keep in check about the process. You can ask the hired team what you can do to meet the end deadline. We at SKJCORP respect our clients. Hence we make sure to complete our side of work in the given timeline. SKJCORP have strict deadlines. Because we understand the value of deadlines.

What is your work procedure?

Knowing how the team works is really important. This helps you keep in check with your work. At SKJCORP our team works in a simple process.

  • Ideas and Concepts
  • Development
  • Testing and Delivery

In the first phase, ideas and concepts are discussed with the team and client about the respective project. Secondly, we invest our time and energy. In developing your dream website. The last phase is testing and delivery. We focus on this phrase a lot. As this the phase where we can make reliability and functionality corrections. We run robust testing. You will be given a fully tested handle at the end.

What do you need from our firm?

This question is really important. Web developers work for every type of firm. Therefore they are experienced and have basic knowledge of almost every firm. But still, they do need some information regarding your firm. Like what type of assets your firm is using the most etc. Asa web developers, we at SJKCORP never start working before getting all the required information. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We are ready to make revisions. So we can work on your given parameters. And provide you smooth functioning website.

What are your payment terms?

You will find many developers charging hourly or per day. They might even provide you invoices. And the estimate of the budget they have. On the other hand, we have three plans for you. These plans are Starter-Single Page, Professional-3 to 5 pages and Premium-up to 10 pages. These three plans have different features. For more details check out our plans and features here.

How is your Support Community?

We understand having communication with web developers is really important. During our development phase. If you want to talk regarding any up-gradation. Or want to keep in check with us. And even for a free consultation, you can tap on the Skype Option. SKJCORP Team members are always grateful and available for your queries. We may even provide you with business contact for better communication during all three web development phases.

Software Services provided by Skjcorp

Website design & development

We have great resources and process. Skjcorp will provide you with great quality. Be it App development or web design. We provide you with the best class App developers. No matter what operating system IOS, Android, React Native etc. Similarly for web design. We have developers working with intuitive UI/UX. They also are experienced and can work on JavaScript, PHP, DJANGO. Be it AR/VR support for your work to ML/AI. We will help you with all of them.

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