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Laravel vs WordPress

Laravel vs WordPress

Laravel vs WordPress! While setting up our websites. Between choosing a platform. Which platform is best to grow your sites and why should you choose them?

We already know how great WordPress is dong in this internet era. From kids to small and large scale businesses are using this platform. They are using this platform for Education/blogging, building websites for business respectively. But, the real question here is. Is WordPress the best and the only platform in the web development area? Web development is a very wide and tide topic to comment on. You can probably only update your systems and knowledge constantly. In this article, we will be comparing Laravel and WordPress. Both of these platforms are amazing and provide their users best.


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework for web development. It is based on MVC (Model-view-controller). The main focus of this framework is to develop web applications. The source is free to use. In 2011 Laravel came into light. Taylor Otwell worked on Laravel. Laravel has MIT License. Taylor designed this web framework as an alternative to CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter did not provide it’s users authentication and authorization. Hence, Laravel came up with a framework providing both.


WordPress is a CMS (Content management system). It came into light in 2003. But it got popularity because of its range of themes and plugins. Because of plugins, one need to worry about coding for small things. WordPress is a SEO optimized platform. It is a open-source and free platform. Generally written PHP. WordPress after its success with came up with Everything is same on both the platforms. Just few alterations in interface and some plans are added to However, is still best and better platform from WordPress works under GPLv2+license and MySQL database.

Laravel vs WordPress

Comparison between Laravel and WordPress

Controls and Modularity

Talking about Laravel it doesn’t give you controls over code. That means codes are already developed and organized in a way that it grows. You do not have to touch its coding. But, on WordPress, you have controls on codes. If you are good at coding you need to worry over codings. If you are not good at coding you need not worry either. You will have access to so many free and paid plugins to rescue with the customization of your site.

Easy or difficult to use

Since Laravel does not give you controls. That means access to codes. It is difficult to use Laravel. In WordPress just select your theme you want to work on. And that is it. You are good to go with your site. In Laravel, you need to understand codes first. So, ones blessed with coding skills can only use it seamlessly.


Laravel has authentication, authorization and inversion of control features. These features improving by each update. These features are important for security. WordPress does provide them but you need to download the third-party plugin.


As mentioned above WordPress consist MySQL database. So, you need to create a database for your site. But, Laravel allows you to create your own website’s database you have to create it yourself.


WordPress is a popular web CMS. Half of the content on the internet comes from a WordPress user. This is why WordPress has a larger community than that of Laravel. Hence, WordPress users if stuck can easily resolve their problems via support and guide team of WordPress. Laravel also has a community support and guide team but it is not very large as of WordPress.


The problem with Laravel is. You can not update or edit your post easily. While you can edit and update your posts and blogs whenever you want.


WordPress is slower than Laravel. Because Laravel uses ELOQUENT. WordPress is slower than Laravel as it uses plugins.


Laravel works on MVC (Model View Controller), whereas WordPress architecture works on the plugin.


WordPress is not a web framework it is a Content Management Tool. But Laravel is a framework based on PHP.


WordPress totally dependent upon plugins while Laravel does not depend on third-party tools. Hence it is expensive than that of WordPress.

Similarities between Laravel and WordPress

While we have already seen comparisons. Let us have look at similarities between Laravel and WordPress. Laravel and WordPress’s similarities make both of the platforms competent to each other. The similarities are as follows:

  1. Easy integration of third-party services i.e, plugins on WordPress
  2. Transparency
  3. Large supporting community worldwide (help solve queries of users)
  4. user-centred Functionality
  5. Simple to Manage
  6. Efficiency in Web Solutions
  7. Easy Interface

Both Laravel and WordPress are designed in a way so that web development becomes easier. On one hand is WordPress, with various themes and plugins. For better customization of its users. And on another hand is Laravel, consist of web development features. By the help of which complex tasks can also be resolved. Both have the platforms have a lot in common. However, the working of these functions is very different.


So far both WordPress and Laravel has shown its users amazing results. Most of the people either choose WordPress or Laravel for their web development. However, it is really very surprising that you can even integrate both of them in certain web development. We won’t suggest you do this unnecessary.

Where Laravel is developed with a strongly implemented authentication system and Consistency in database migrations. It can also provide you with the fast and painless deployment of applications. For app development. Laravel has all of its simple validation and authorization process for web apps. It shows consistency in database migrations and has a large supporting community worldwide. It provides you with very easy and manageable automated tasks.

Talking about WordPress. No doubt it has turned out to be king of web development frameworks. When WordPress itself is considered a web tool. WordPress one of those platforms which has Search-engine friendly structure. It has integrated link management and clean permalink structure. Provides its users with the fast and painless deployment of apps and customizable features with the use of plugins. Plugins are a key element of WordPress success. It makes it easy to use WordPress even if you do not know hard coding. It also has some other great features like the ability to assign multiple categories to post automatic filters for formatting and styling of text in the post, Editing content both in a visual editor and an HTML-based text editor.

You can use any of them according to the need of your website.

Hope this article Laravel vs WordPress helped in solving your queries. Thank You for visiting our site, keep reading and learning.

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