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WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App)

WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App)
WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App)

WordPress: PWA ( Progressive Web App) you might be having so many questions regarding WordPress and PWA. Don’t worry we got you. A complete Guide to convert WordPress website to PWA (Progressive Web App).

What is PWA?

WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App). In 2016 digital storm hit us increasing more users of the web. Almost, everyone before 2019 had their smartphones in hands. It is pretty much obvious most of the browsing by 2019 started on smartphones. Now, the question is How to enhance the browsing experience of smartphones. And the Answer is PWA. Before we start let’s understand about PWA. Web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are keys to building PWA. PWA technology comes across in order to provide its users with a Web App facility. Web Apps show better performance. In general, apps provide a classic experience to users because of which websites opt for the same. Most probably you will not see any special difference in site but it will provide an application-like functionality on the regular web page. Let us have look at how a specific performance of PWA improves website:

  1. Speed of any site is its game-changer, speed contributes to increasing traffic on your site. Hence, PWA’s performance shows fast results of loading. Maximum 2 to 3 seconds.
  2. Sometimes a visitor has a poor connection. PWA shows quick results even in the poor network connection.
  3. PWA has an interface that is easy to use yet interesting. So, visitors engage with the website.
  4. It works in the same and shows quality on every type of and size of the device.

PWA can be a little tricky to set up because depending on your website you need to design and recode some of the codes. However, if you are on WordPress you can take a deep breath and relax. Thanks to constant updates and work on WordPress, you have enough features sort it out for your own.

What is PWA for WordPress?

Everything is revolving around the internet today. Everyday technology updates. For security and privacy concerns and the performance of your website, these updates are really important. But, with updates comes the responsibility of providing better navigation to visitors. WordPress provides there users with all the necessary tools to regularly update the site as per trends and facilities. You need to have basic knowledge of UX, HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.

PWA for WordPress works as software that helps sites to use web programming techniques. PWA offers push notification using javascript. This way you can easily keep the site users updated without anything complex. Anybody from any type of device can browse because this provides functionality for phones, laptops, PC, Tablets, etc. With PWA visitors don’t need to move to their specific App stores and spend data on downloading and time on installing. Such web apps can perform from any browser. And, even have the facility to add them on the user’s home screen. Bingo moment for users.

We see many applications going for lite versions. What is this lite version? What benefit does it give? Why Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and many more famous websites have these lite apps?

That is very simple who in this world will not like speed. Because PWA provides the latest UX versions sites perform with great speed and functionality. So, sites opt for the same and WordPress will take away the stress of setting up for you and will provide great performance at the same time because of plugins and themes.

Benefits of converting WordPress site into PWA

Let us have specific knowledge of what benefits you can take from your website because of converting your WordPress site into PWA. Well, it is not only about speed optimization and increased traffic on your website. We all are on different platforms. With different platforms, we have different needs. That is up to you if this is best for your site or not.

  1. You provide visitors the advantage of directly running your site on the Mobile.
  2. You do not need to go for app reviews and approval processes on any App store.
  3. No interference of the third party, you can update your app according to your preferences.
  4. You provide visitors with the advantage of not wasting data on downloading applications.
  5. As visitors don’t need to download, they save storage of their device.
  6. PWA works on all devices irrespective of Mobile, Laptops, PC, Tablets, etc.
  7. PWA provides users with the advantage to increase traffic on their sites. In case, your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load you have lost so much traffic by now.
  8. Anyhow. visitor or user-facing poor connectivity issue. the page will be saved offline.
  9. PWA provides visitors the option to save the site on the home screen or home page, this provides good engagement to the respective site.
  10. PWA is the most reliable technology available.
  11. A ton of money saved by not getting the ios and android application developed, but still providing a native app like functionalities

PWA can be a very major tool for your WordPress site’s growth. Google has come up with its PWA standards this has a great impact on websites. We suggest following every prioritizing functions as they show different but impressive results.

Can you turn the WordPress site into PWA

If you plan to develop a PWA with a WordPress site you can develop a PWA (Progressive Web App) in less time than usual and with the easiest options. You don’t have to spend a certain amount of money on its development either. However, we still have some streams which might not go well with a WordPress site. Hence, we do not suggest turning your WordPress site into a web app if your work is complex and your business needs highly customized applications having a sensitive database on your own. You can contact us who are highly specialized in WordPress

You can definitely go for the same if you don’t have any complex data which can create a ruckus or You want to create a simple app in a short period of time or your app can be updated by a non-technical user or you need an easy navigation backend.

WordPress provides a general framework, you can get this framework to build your website application by using the plugin. This is how you can build a web app in just a few days rather than spending months and a good amount of money. WordPress is the best option for creating web apps if your business doesn’t have complex issues because you do not need database, APIs, and user management. WordPress provides you with all the necessary procedures. The host takes care of performance optimization, updates of important tools and versions, lags and bug.

Is it worth adding PWA to your WordPress Blog

With all of these things going on this question might have hit your mind. Should I add PWA to WordPress blog? Answer is. YES, YOU SHOULD. By now you already know how cost-effective and less time it needs for WordPress to build a web app for any WordPress blog. Plus it is easy to manage even. If you want to make your site user friendly you definitely should go for it.

PWA WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a versatile content management platform. If you are an owner of a WordPress site you probably know half of its benefits and profits. One of its advantages adds up to provide PWA. WordPress provides user’s plugins specially designed for PWA. These are some of the free and paid but best PWA plugins for PWA.

Free Plugins

Super PWA WordPress Plugin

WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App)

Super PWA is a WordPress Plugin. With some of these amazing and easy to use features this plugin is all, you need for a web app. You get access to easy configuration. Users get Responsive Support which really essential for any web app. You get access to documentation, clean code (need not worry about re-coding it won’t affect the security of your website and data) and clean uninstall.


WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App)

For any type of work, it is really important to build a ground that acts as a base. PWA plugin works as same. It first builds a base for your web app and then proceeds with other aspects of the web app. Gives a coordinated outcome and provides a great mechanism for themes and plugin so that compatibility issues do not arise. This plugin is helpful if you are developing a theme or plugin specific for service work. Its features include;

  • Reliable- do not take more than 3 seconds to load your site.
  • Fast- quick response.
  • Engaging– smooth experience for the user and great interface.

PWA for WP & AMP

PWA for WP & AMP

PWA for WP and AMP is such a holy grail plugin. This plugin has so many features to enhance your user’s experience. You can use its free features like AMP support, UTM Tracking, one signal support with multisite, you can easily change the start URL, the Service worker, offline support and web app manifest. Premium features include the ability to expand PWA with Call of action, scroll progress and etc.

Progressive WordPress PWA

WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App)

Progressive WordPress (PWA) is one of the most used PWA tools. WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App) came out like a storm and this plugin is a total ray of hope for once having less knowledge about PWA. It includes features like push notifications, offline usage, provides the option to add a web app to the home screen.

Paid Plugins

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack Image
WordPress Mobile Pack

The Plugin WordPress Mobile Pack is one of the popular web app premium plugins. It has extensions from WooCommerce integration to PWA starter kits and from the same to packages for app stores. This plugin has it all. You can get all these extensions for $99, yes that feels very much expensive but its features are worth every penny. Their package provides themes specially obtained for compatibility. You will be provided with unlimited Web push notifications and monetization options. 3 domain licenses which really great. One year of professional support and security updates. This is such a great plugin if you are planning to enhance your web app.

PWA Themes

PWA Themes costs for $99 pretty much affordable if your site is collecting enough revenue. You will be provided with PWA Themes and extensions like Web push notification, offline mode capability, a package for the app store, security via HTTPS. It has a PWA UI Kit which costs $49 for which they will provide you with highly polished designs, neatly organized documents, multiple app use cases and reactJS components. You can get that if your site needs it.

Plugin installation

  1. Open WP Admin.
  2. Go to plugin
  3. Click Add new plugin
  4. Add plugin of your choice from the Search bar.
  5. Click install then activate.

How to turn WordPress site into a PWA without plugin

We have already seen how we can turn the WordPress site into a PWA with the help of plugins. Now, let us understand how can we turn it using the manual method. To turn the WordPress site into a PWA you need to have these three key elements as a ground base to hold your web app and make sure your web app is absolutely safe.

  1. Secure connection/ https– PWA works only on secured or trusted connections.
  2. Server network– this runs in the background helps to determine how to handle network requests for your PWA so that it can work on complex projects also.
  3. Manifest file- it consists of a JSON file which is responsible for the appearance and functions of your web app. Here you can describe fonts, colors, icons, etc.

The development of a web app using the manual method is one of the most cost-friendly methods. However, you need to have good knowledge of coding for the same. Developer should have knowledge about JavaScript and should know how to work on it seamlessly. That’s not all about knowledge, developers should know how to work with Angular and React also. This is the biggest reason the plugin method is introduced so that anyone can take advantage of technology. We suggest going for professionals in case you are not satisfied with the results of plugin methods.

Thank you for visiting us. We at SKJCORP develop WordPress websites and customize it and also helps with PWA. If you have any project for us please feel free to contact us here.

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