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Tag: Wordpress performance

WordPress Admin Login not working

WordPress Admin Login not working? Have a look at how to fix this and what bug must have gone behind your website. No doubt WordPress is a king. Ruling content management platform. And definitely it is going to rule further in future. Because WordPress is a constantly upgrading system. Provides

Responsive YouTube embed WordPress

Responsive YouTube embed WordPress And, How to embed youtube videos to your WordPress? A little harsh but reality. People tend to watch more than reading today. Digital storm lets say. However, videos only work as long as your content is knowledgeable or entertaining. To engage and reach out to more

WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App)

WordPress: PWA ( Progressive Web App) you might be having so many questions regarding WordPress and PWA. Don’t worry we got you. A complete Guide to convert WordPress website to PWA (Progressive Web App). What is PWA? WordPress: PWA (Progressive Web App). In 2016 digital storm hit us increasing more

Different image file formats for websites

Different image file formats for websites

Different image file formats for websites. How many of you have knowledge of image file format? Well, most of us know about JPEG and PNG only. I bet most people do not know about PNG either. That is strange we use technology. Forms of technology in our day to day