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Animated GIF not working on WordPress

Animated GIF not working on WordPress

Animated GIF not working on WordPress, have a look why it might not be working and how to fix that!

WordPress is one of the most used websites across the content management platform. It allows you to post blogs, add images and videos etc to your website. WordPress also provides you with tools to optimize your videos, images and texts.

Probably, after uploading GIFs to your post. You see GIFs uploaded. Appears without animation. While this issue can eat your mind and can be quite frustrating. The solution to this issue is very simple.

The reason why Animation might not work

Behind this issue what actually happening is. When you upload GIFs they automatically resize. Now, this particular issue kills the animation of your GIFs and it appears as a simple image of the GIF format. It must have hit your mind, Why is Animation getting resize itself?

Everything here depends on your WordPress theme. When we upload images and GIFs on the WordPress website they get resize due to some compatibility issues. Hence, killing and partially destroying fun animation you created or wanted to upload.

It must have hit your mind that you probably need to change your website theme to fix this issue. Well, NO. You do not need to change your entire websites appearance system. Changing theme which might reflect your site would be the worst solution you can find.

Animated GIF not working on WordPress, fix

You can fix this issue by two simple methods: You can upload a Full-Size image or Use image optimization plugin. Let us see how both the methods work.

Full Size Image option

While uploading GIF on your WordPress website. Go to the image settings. Under which you will see the image size option. You need to select full size here. Now, the GIF uploaded will be of full size. IT won’t resize. This is such a simple effortless solution for this problem. And this will work fr your featured image as well.

Image Optimization Plugin

In the case the above-mentioned method does not work because of certain issues then you can go for this method also. Just in the case, the above method didn’t work it may be because of image optimization plugin, resizing the image. There are many image optimization plugins which resize your image even after setting your image size. This happens because you might have given permission to the plugin for the same. Now you again don’t have to reset or change plugin. You can go to your plugins settings. Find RESIZE IMAGES option. Turn it OFF and here you go. No image resizing issues on its own. Yes, keep in mind not every plugin is same its settings may vary. However, the Image resize option is available on every image optimization plugin. So, you need to search a little in settings of that particular plugin.

Hope this article helped to solve your issues. Thank You for visiting us, Keep reading and learning with us.

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