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WordPress For School and College

WordPress For School and College is very important and we have discussed some of the most helpful elements.

As the digital storm has hit our world. Students around the globe are crossing paths with innovative ideas and great content. Half of the content present on the internet is from WordPress. WordPress is a free website. Students can create their site and share there ideas, knowledge and information. WordPress with it’s each update provides a vast variety of tools to create the site smoothly running with least to zero bugs.

Many tools and features are provided by WordPress for creating a class website. Teachers share assignments, ideas and class programs with students.

Students and WordPress

Many schools and universities are using WordPress for their site development. Teachers and even students started there blogs for better understanding and knowledge. This is how WordPress For Students in Education helps. Some of the plugins for better performance are as follows:

Student’s Plugin

The School Management Plugin

WordPress For School and College
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School Management Plugin helps to create classes, projects. Teachers can create blogs for students. Teachers can create their profile, put notices on websites. Authorities can manage staff, fees and etc.

  • Features of School management plugin:
  1. Teachers can add classes for students set up sections etc.
  2. Authorities can assign different subjects to different teachers.
  3. Add widgets for students log in and notice board.
  4. Settings for payment option.
  5. Modulations for students, admission tabs, students art board etc.
  6. Add admin and staff to the website for management.

WPSchool Press

WordPress For School and College

WP School Press is the best plugin for the education system for online mode. WP School Press Provides students with better functionality for mobile users. Have a responsive design, compatible with WordPress. WP School Press upgrades its technology frequently to enhance performance. Provides you with a customization option because of appearance matters.

Students get access to the class time table, regular tasks, Syllabus and notices.

WordPress Multisite


Edublog is a WordPress Site. Just like any other blogging site on WordPress Edublog works on the same system. Edublog was started in 2005 with the idea of creating a community for teachers and students blogs. On edublog students and teachers share stories, lessons, etc. with there fellow bloggers. Edublog provides you with facilities of comments, sharing and sharing photos and videos of students artwork.

For teachers, Edublog is a blessing because they can discuss various topics. Teachers can seek guidance from other teachers to resolve their class issues. Edublog provides an opportunity to learn more about education system across the world.

Students can post blogs on education, school stories and share their experiences with other students. Edublog provides students with a different vision of learning.

School Press

School Press is another multisite powered by WordPress. It was launched in 2014 with a idea to provide private or public education to students.

Teachers can assign assignments, tasks, add due dates. The tracking system on students progress. Create forums for group discussions etc.

Website is currently under development but has some promising features on its Beta version.

Campus Press

Campus Press is a WordPress site. Started in 2005 with the aim of providing a host for teachers and students. Campus press has educators and instructors from different parts of the world. They have blog segments where they educate teachers with tips and tricks to manage classes.

Students can learn a lot from teachers blogs. Least time-consuming. Consist of students portfolio and plugins.


WordPress provides space for students. They can start there own personal blogs for free as well can join platforms. Blogging shows a good impact on students. Boosts knowledge and confidence. Blogging builds confidence and professionalism among students. Not only this helps in studies but also in the personal development of students.

Hope this article helped you understand, WordPress For School and College. Thank You for visiting us, keep reading and learning.

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