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WordPress downgrade to the older version

WordPress downgrade to the older version

WordPress downgrade to the older version, with constant upgrades on WordPress, it is important to keep a track on the latest updates. Plugins, themes, latest HTML coding and latest versions of PHP should be up to date. Latest upgrades have bug fixes, better performance. But, sometimes it is not possible because updates are not compatible with themes or plugins going on your website. In such a situation you would have probably got a suggestion to reverse an update and downgrade your WordPress site. However, it is good to downgrade your site temporarily until the bug fixes but we would not suggest it permanently.

“Downgrading is nothing but troubleshoot process“. Let us see some reasons for WordPress downgrade to the older version.

Reasons for Downgrading

WordPress bug and lag is one of the most common reasons why users downgrade their site. But, compatibility is another major issue users face.

  1. Plugin and Theme: Compatibility of plugins and theme is a game-changer. They should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  2. PHP version: Sometimes, plugins and theme don’t go well with the latest PHP versions of the WordPress update.

Other than compatibility, sometimes your plugin or theme’s update show bug. You can downgrade your site in that case also. But, the easier way is to wait for the next update till than deactivate your plugin or theme. Now, there are sites on which themes and plugin play a vital role. In that case, maybe downgrading to an older version is the only best option available.

  • Make sure when you downgrade your site you install the last version, using an older version than the last version you used might slow down the speed of your site.

Methods of Downgrading

WP Downgrade Plugin

WordPress downgrade to the older version

WP Downgrade is a plugin which helps the user-facing issues with the latest version of WordPress install a specific or selected version until lags are sorted. This plugin is free and easy to use. However, make sure you have a full backup before you use WP Downgrade Plugin. The installation process of WP Downgrade plugin is very easy, the performance of a plugin is just like a regular WordPress installer. You just need to choose the version and it will be directly installed from

Following are the steps to downgrade the WordPress version to the older one using WP Downgrade Plugin

WordPress downgrade to the older version
WordPress downgrade to the older version
WordPress downgrade to the older version
WordPress downgrade to the older version
  • Back up your data from your site.
  • Install WP Downgrade Plugin from the plugin section.
  • Go to “Settings” then “WP downgrade”.
  • You will find “WP Downgrade target version”, enter the version you want to use for example 5.0 (always go for the last updated version because it is more stable than other versions).
  • Click ” save”.
  • Go to “Updates” and click “Re-install”. And you are done.

You can Re-install the most latest version as soon as the bug fixes, the procedure will be the same so, you don’t need to stress out on how things will work.

Downgrade WordPress Manually

For most people, this method is quite frustrating and time-consuming because it is like “everything from start”. Although, it is not very much similar from the beginning of your WordPress set up. It can be frustrating and tricky for someone who has less knowledge about FTP and other WordPress technology. But, this is not as tricky as it looks like. If WP downgrade plugin didn’t show it’s magic then you might be in good trouble and left with no other option than downgrading manually.

  • First of all, you need to “back up data” to avoid any issues. Play safe.
  • Now, “deactivate all plugins” – you can bulk deactivate them via marking the checkbox next to each plugin or manually deactivate them via Secure File Transfer Protocol.
  • Download the last updated version of WordPress. You can get access to files from “WordPress File Archives.
  • You can have access to your files via FTP. Then delete ” WP Admin” and “WP includes directory”.
  • Now you have to ” Upload” file version of WordPress you downloaded. Make sure you don’t upload the WP content directory.
  • As soon as your file will upload you will get an option of Overwrite. Click “Overwrite” then “OK”
  • Go to the backend of your site. You will be notified to “Update WordPress Database”. Update it and you will go back to your older version.

WP Rollback Plugin

WordPress downgrade to the older version

Sometimes not your WordPress but Themes and Plugin creating conflict and making your site’s performance miserable. In such a situation the downgrading whole site is not a very best option. Instead, you can Downgrade that specific plugin or theme creating a disaster to your site. WP Rollback plugin comes to the rescue in such situations. This plugin gets regular updates, is easy to use and most rated.

WordPress downgrade to the older version
WordPress downgrade to the older version

For Plugin

  • Download “WP Rollback plugin”.
  • Go to ” settings” then “plugin”.
  • In the plugin section, you will find the ” Rollback” optionbelow every plugin.
  • Click “Rollback”
  • A page with all versions will show select “for example, 12.0″.
  • Plugins will be updated to older version automatically.

For Themes

  • Download “Wp Rollback”.
  • Go to “Appearance”.
  • Click “Themes”.
  • On Right side at the end of the corner, click “Rollback”.
  • Select ” target version”, and you are done with a older version update.

Restore to Older Version via backup

You can downgrade your WordPress site by using your backup. Isn’t that great!

This is one of the easiest option available if you don’t want to engage yourself into the long process of Downloading and installing features and plugin. Although, this method is not recommended for sites which are dynamic. Dynamic sites have already so much going on their sites this probably can create problems for the user because even a small detail missing from the backup file can create a mess for the user. All you need is to have a Backup of Previous version you want to install.

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