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WordPress vs Web Development (Custom sites)

WordPress vs Web Development

WordPress vs Web Development (Custom Sites). A very difficult choice for someone setting up a business or website for any purpose. Let’s have a look at this face-off of WordPress and Web Development.

The choice between WordPress and Web Development at the edge of setting up your business. This can be really very irritating. On the right hand, you will see various advantages of having a WordPress website. On the left hand, you will have controls and what not if you go for Web Development. All these questions must be hitting you.

From small scale to large scale businesses. Each business irrespective of the type of industry website is a must. Now, which option to use WordPress or Web Development that depends upon your pocket and work. Other than your budget and work. It also depends on time frames. Within how many months or days you need your website to be working. If you want your site to be ready for work in a few months. Then, WordPress is the best option. Let us have look on Pros and Cons of WordPress and Web Development.

WordPress vs Web Development (Custom Site)


Before we get into the Pros and Cons of WordPress. Let us see What WordPress actually is. WordPress is a content management platform. It is used for blogging, creating a website and mobile apps (web apps). Basically, WordPress has two platforms. and Operating System used in WordPress is Linux, Unix-Like and Windows. Written in PHP and Database used is MySQL mainly. WordPress came into the light on May 27, 2003. WordPress provides it’s users with various plugins which is why it is easy to work with. Now, let’s jump into the pros and cons of WordPress.



WordPress provides its users with friendly CMS. You can easily navigate through the backend of your WordPress site. You can edit pages, upload new content. WordPress is a simple to use program anybody can use. You do not need to have a higher level of coding knowledge for working out on WordPress.


WordPress has more than 60,000 free and paid plugins. As mentioned above. A vast range of plugins provided is a key element for users as well as WordPress developers. Because of these plugins you can customize and enhance your WordPress site. If you are bad at coding with least to zero coding skills. And you need some changes in the functionality of your website. You have a plugin for that as well.


SEO Search engine optimization. It is the best feature for bloggers. SEO helps boost your content so that it reaches to more people. It helps in promoting your articles and blogs. WordPress came up with plugins for SEO as well. For instance, WordPress has YoastSEO plugin which is a complete guide u9for users to boost their blogs. Improve articles according to SEO. This plugin is free for everyone. However, you only need to pay if you want to have access to premium feature. But most of the features which are important for SEO are free. That means websites with WordPress are SEO optimized. Which is a great approach if you want to grow your site.


When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your website. Who doesn’t like to have access to more than a thousand different themes? WordPress provides reliable and responsive themes. It is not a secret that most of the browsing is going on mobile. Having a responsive theme for mobile as well desktop is as important as putting good content on your website. WordPress you with all.

Open Source

WordPress have GPLv2 License and is open-source software. That means anyone can use it. And programmers are able to openly share codes online. This way cost and time of developing can be saved.



WordPress is a program which constantly keeps working on updates. Sometimes these updates create a ruckus on your website. And in such situations, if you are someone who is not a WordPress expert or you don’t have one to rescue. You will have to face a lot of issues. These updates can also harm the functionality of your website. However, WordPress isn’t that bad though it has a good drag and drops web builders and some other tools. This way you can fix issues with the help of an expert or you can some tricks for yourself as well.


Update for a website is as important as breathing for humans. Installing updates keeps your website function better. Bug and lag are fixed in these updates. Updates also have improved security and functionality. However, the issue is you might end up with an updated version which is not stable and might have compatibility issues with your websites plugins and theme. You then have to downgrade your website to the older version until everything is fixed. Isn’t that frustrating?

Vulnerability and Speed

Because WordPress is an open-source platform that is why it is more prone to hackers. You should avoid using any theme or plugin you don’t have knowledge about.

You will come across some of the very bad plugins poorly coded. Since everything on internet demands of speed, you might lose some of the visitors. Due to lack of knowledge in coding. It will be a little hard for you to understand what type of plugins are coded.

Web Development (Custom Site)

Custom websites have a lot of Pros as well. Firstly, web development or custom sites means a web developer is appointed. The developer is given the charge to customize and develop a website which is exactly same as customers demanded. Now, let us see its pros and cons.

Unique Design

Custom websites are designed from scratch. No identical theme or format. Everything on custom sites is developed from scratch and are unique in looks and have great functionality. You just need to express your visions of your website and everything you have visions about your site will be in front of you.


Website created from scratch shows more flexibility. The developer will design features according to your business requirement. They have complex functionalities yet work seamlessly. It provides the owner of the website freedom to be creative with the website look and features.


Custom sites are great for digital marketing. One of the biggest reasons why custom sites are always on the top list of Google Ranking. These sites are provided with SEO tips and tricks.

Professional and Experts

When you go for custom sites. You hire professionals to help you with web challenges. This way you hire a person who will make sure your website is functioning the way you want it to function. Experts manage websites seamlessly. In case you do not want to depend on anyone no issues you can use custom site management systems.


Time consuming

For any Custom made website. You need to wait for almost 6 to 8 months. If you demand specific features. Then almost 10 to 12 months. This doesn’t mean custom sites are bad to go for. You need to have patience. Things from scratch take to develop but results are fruitful.


Custom sites are really expensive. Because custom sites do not have a pre-designed framework. The developer works on developing one for your site.

Hope this article helped you understand about the topic “WordPress vs Web Development (Custom Sites)”. Thank You for visiting our website, keep reading and learning.

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