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Add Google Analytics in WordPress without a plugin

Add Google Analytics in WordPress without a plugin. Have a look at How and Why you should Add Google Analytics in WordPress.

WordPress has so many plugins. It is somewhere because of these amazing plugins. WordPress is one of the most popular content management platforms. On WordPress, you will find plugins for SEO, image optimization, speed optimization and etc. No doubt you can find one for Google Analytics also. However, plugins are easy to go for. But, we will be discussing the manual method.

If you are a WordPress user you already know how Google Analytics and WordPress come along. Why they are important to use but not very necessarily important. But, if you want to understand what your visitors like to see on your blog. This is what you exactly need to hit the bull eyes. Google Analytics will help you track the traffic on your website. it also provides you with insights about your visitors. By the help of insights. The website owner can see what type of post is having more attention from visitors. Before we start the topic let us first understand “What is Google Analytics in brief”.

What is Google Analytics

16 Years ago (as per the year 2020) on November 14, 2005, Google launched its Marketing tool Google Analytics. By 2019 Google Analytics made its place amongst web analytics service on top. Usually, Google Analytics is used to track websites activity. As mentioned above to keep in check about the growth of your website. It is capable of providing information on the source of traffic. In case, you have a business website. It provides you with the ability to integrate with Google Ads, you can then create and review online campaigns. You can check insight about visitors on your site at that moment. Google Analytics uses JavaScript codings.

However, Google Analytics has a major drawback. The mobile server consists of tracking codes which use technologies like PHP, Java Server Pages or any server-side languages. Some Ad filtering programs as well as browser extensions like Firefox which have enhanced tracking protection. Such technology blocks Google Analytics from tracking. Because of this block. Certain holes in the collected information and tracking are observed. This clearly means that certain visitors on your site does not show up in analytics results.

Benefits of having Google Analytics for your WordPress website

Once you kick start your website. It is really important to have an analysis of your site, pages and posts. For tracking all the information about your site’s performance you need to have an Analytics tool. For that, you will need Google Analytics. Have quick look at some of its listed benefits:

  1. This will help you understand, where your visitors come from. What type of device and sources they used to reach our site. From which country our readers are.
  2. If you come to our site as you have. Google Analytics gives us information about what type of posts you have checked out on our website. Which pdf, image or document you have downloaded from our website.
  3. You can look at posts insight. Post insights help to understand what kind of posts are being loved on our website. You create more such posts to increase traffic on your website.
  4. In case you have an e-commerce site. Google Analytics allows you to understand how much revenue you have collected.
  5. The behaviour of visitors is everything. Google Analytics permits you to understand what pages your visitors check etc. This can have analysis and you can understand what most of your visitors are trying to search.

Add Google Analytics in WordPress without a plugin manually

Add Google Analytics in WordPress without a plugin. Firstly, remember you need to do coding for Google Analytics every time you change or deactivate your themes. Secondly, make sure you have a backup of your website files because if any mishaps you can revert that easily. This process includes coding so even a missed or miss placed comma or full-stop can take your site down. So, backup is a must.

If you do not want to proceed with the plugin. However, it is a more convenient easy method. You do not need to be afraid of anything. Manual method is also very easy. This is a six-step process.

Six Steps process for Add Google Analytics in WordPress without a plugin

Step 1

First of all, you need to set up your Google Account. In case you haven’t or you want a separate account for your work.

Step 2

After setting up your Google Account. Now, go to Google Analytics page or website and click on ‘Sign In to Analytics’.

Step 3

As soon as you log in, at the left side of the page. Where tabs like Home, Customization and Report are present. Scroll down at that section. Click on ‘Admin’. Go to ‘Tracking Info‘ and select the option ‘Tracking code’.

Step 4

A page along with your Tracking ID and Status will be open. However, you need to scroll down to ‘Website Tracking’. Under the box, your GA code is given. Now, ‘copy that code’. Now, shift to ‘child theme’ on WordPress website because it is important that your tracking code is not overwritten.

Step 5

Now, sign in to your WP-admin area. Move to ‘ Appearance’. From their click on ‘Editor’ option. At ‘header.php file’ you need to ‘paste’ codes ‘before </head>’.

Step 6

Now, wait for at least 24 to 48 hours because tracking and collection information and data takes place within these 24 to 48 hours only. After some time, Go to your Google Analytics admin area. At the right side of your Tracking ID is ‘Status Update’ click on it. Then, click on ‘Send Test Traffic’. If everything is well set up you will be updated.

Hope our article helped you. Thank you for visiting us, keep reading and learning with us. Visit us soon.

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