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WordPress Admin Login not working

WordPress admin login not working

WordPress Admin Login not working? Have a look at how to fix this and what bug must have gone behind your website.

No doubt WordPress is a king. Ruling content management platform. And definitely it is going to rule further in future. Because WordPress is a constantly upgrading system. Provides best plugins for website customization. WordPress has it all. Every tool one may need. From speed optimization tools to image and video optimization tools. From customizations to higher technology.

No doubt if suddenly your WP-admin URL is not available or working. How terrific you would feel. All hard work in vain. But, everything on WordPress can be fixed.

Reasons for WordPress Admin Login not working and Fix

There are four major reasons because of which you might be facing this issue.

White Screen of death

Suppose you logged into your WP-admin. But, a white display appears. This is what we call White screen of death. Now, you might be wondering; How did you end up with this white screen. So, you might have exceeded the allotted memory limit for your site. This problem can also occur if you are using poor plugins or themes. That means a poorly coded plugin and themes. This may have to arise compatibility issues on your site as well.


Firstly, you can disable the plugin and theme creating issues. For which you need to have access to your website via FTP. For all of these process to take place, you will need Filezilla to store and backup your files We will now, deactivate and rename plugin and theme folder. Make sure WordPress does not read them [coding]. Open and login Filezilla. All your WordPress files will be open there. Search for folder having your blog details. Within the same blog file search for WP-content folder and double click open it. Search plugin folder and right-click on it. You will get an option to rename. Rename the folder with an appropriate name so that WordPress does not read it. Now, login to WP Dashboard. If login is successful that means plugin created the issue. You need to deactivate themes and folder the same way if you still can not log in.

In worst cases, if the problem still occurs. Please check the limit of your website. Ask your Host to fix it. If you do not know how to fix memory issues.

Error in Database connection and incorrect password

Just in case you are facing all the issues because of errors established in your database. Then you need to be a little serious about security. Firstly, do not panic. This is not an attack. However, you need to be careful. But, what does this mean? It means your WordPress website is not able to establish a secure database connection. Your site might be facing this issue because of a corrupted database. Hosting server having problems.


Firstly, check your database credentials are correct or not. Update your cPanel password or database password, in case you have changed them. Update that in WP-config.php file. Check if details MySQL data like username, password and domain are correct. If data is not correct. Correct your data. If still, the problem occurs. It might be related to the wrong password. You need to reset your password manually or normally. If normally you are not able to reset your password or it shows password reset fail via email. You need to reset your password manually.

Backup your data. Login to Cpanel. Ask web host for login link and details. Scroll to database section. Click on PhpMyAdmin. Find the users which are wp_users tab and click on it. Near admin user edit button is located click on it. Enter the new password in ‘users_pass’ on an input box choose md5. Click Go. Now login WordPress admin area with a new password. Other than this you can also reset the password by editing functions.php file and reset password in ‘wp_set_password’.

Lost admin privileges

In case, you are trying to login to the wp-admin panel but you have lost admin functionality. Mostly this situation takes place because of Hacks. Hackers before harming your website delete admin privileges. You can fix this via adding admin user to your WordPress database. You need WordPress malware removal service also.

Php error

While copy and pasting codes to your site. Be careful because might have landed onto this issue because of the same. But, no worries. You can fix this issue using an FTP Program. Pasting codes is technical so do not play with codes if you do not have knowledge of how it works. Firstly, after pasting the code you must have seen. You are logged out of the admin area. Do not panic all you need to do is delete the unnecessary codings you have done. and re-upload that file. By using the FTP program search for functions.php file and perform the fix there, editing the codings to same as before. You only need to delete the part you edited not anything more or less than that.

Hope this article helped you understand about WordPress Admin Login not working and how to fix the issue. Thank You for reading and visiting us.

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