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How to convert the sketch file to WordPress

convert the sketch file to WordPress

Convert the sketch file to WordPress. In this article, we will learn. How to convert the to Sketch files to WordPress conversion.

Have you ever thought of creating an exclusive theme for yourself? And suddenly felt disappointed. Because of the fact that you are working on the WordPress site, not custom made site. Well, custom made sites are expensive. But are very useful. You can customize its theme backdrop and everything according to your preference. This is one of the most disturbing points for many bloggers on WordPress. Firstly they don’t want to use WordPress plugin themes. Secondly, it doesn’t provide exclusive sight on your site. Because many other bloggers and websites might be using similar layout and themes. At this point thinking, WordPress doesn’t allow you for the same. Might be injustice to high-end quality and features provided by WordPress.

In this article you will learn. What is Sketch? What is WordPress? And How to convert sketch files to WordPress?

What is Sketch?

If you are here then you most probably already know about Sketch. A sketch is a designing tool. Mainly found on Mac-os systems. This helps developers for designing layouts for web applications, mobile application and desktop applications. If you did not get the point. A sketch is a design tool like Adobe Photoshop. Now, please don’t mistake Sketch as photoshop. That is for instance. If you know details about Adobe Photoshop program you’ll know What Sketch is about. Back on Sketch, it is a vector-based tool. Because it is a vector-based tool it easy to use as well. The sketch is a very famous tool because it creates pixel-perfect designs. It has the ability to work pixel-perfect from small icon projects to developing edge of 50 pages websites and applications.

The sketch uses primarily for designing the UI and UX of mobile apps and web. The file we designed on Sketch. Format .sketch file uses for saving Sketch files. However, .sketch files also open in Adobe IllustratorAdobe Photoshop, and other programs. We can save designs in popular PNGJPGSVGPDFTIFFWebP, etc., formats also.

The sketch is a game-changer for many web developing projects. Hence, Sketch is one of the most used designing tools in web developing industry. It has the best designing features. Your ideas can turn into beautiful themes and layouts. You can customize your workflows. Build designs that scale. For more check out Sketch.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source blogging platform. Based on CMS {Content Management System} written in PHP. Working on databases like MySQL or MariaDB. WordPress provides it’s users a wide range of plugins and themes. Plugins are the reason why WordPress is always at the top. WordPress is one of those platforms which is SEO {Search engine ready}. Software is released under the GPLv2 license. However, WordPress is considered best for bloggers. It has so many in-built features. This platform is also fanmous for it’s “five minutes installation process”. WordPress has responsive features. That means your site is not going down. If you are someone who has no coding skills you can also use this platform. Most of the professional companies also use WordPress for websites. It is most stable and reliable platform to go for.

Why, convert Sketch Designs to WordPress?

As mentioned above, Web designs are one of the most important aspects of work. So having a website or web app as per your ideal match with your business is also important. Developing designs and mockups before actual coding the website is a common practice. A sketch is a tool which allows you to design layouts and themes etc. But what is the point if your imagination and hard work don’t come to life. So converting the sketch file to WordPress. Will give you the opportunity to se your work come to life.

Convert Sketch file to WordPress

This is a three-step process. We will discuss the process below. However, let me make it clear to you. If you are not skilled enough with coding and software stuffs you need to hire someone. Working on this whole process on your own requires programming knowledge. So just in case, you do not know anything about these technical kinds of stuff. Just don’t do it. Listen to your mind and do not think about doing this. I am sure no one wants to lose their periods of sleep and get Panda eyes doing something massive on their one and only website. You got it right your website can face many bugs at the same time. And website turning down is a horror story no one wants to see.

However, for once having more knowledge about programming. Converting Sketch files to WordPress can be accomplished by following the steps given below:

Slicing the Sketch Files

Slicing the Sketch Files

On WordPress, there are three parts on every webpage. Header, Footer and Body. The header is the top section of your website consisting Menu, Contact links, About, Web logo etc. Headers range from one line header to three-line header. It all depends upon the type of website you are working on or want. Firstly for conversion, you have to slice the Header from the design {sketch design}. Now coming to Footer it is an area which provides most of your website’s information like site-map, contact etc. Coming to the third part Body. Place where your main content is placed. The content in the body can be in sub-parts. Secondly for conversion slice these parts into sections you want them to appear on your site.

Create index.html & style.css files

As you have already sliced Header, Footer and Body sections. You need to convert your sliced images into different HTML sections. And with this let me remind you no never get into programming if you don’t know how to do it. Now index.html will work on containing Html code. And style.css will look after styling the look like the designs you created on your Sketch format.

Convert index.html to WordPress theme

Once you get Html and Css files. All you need to do is convert these files to WordPress files. As mentioned above. WordPress is written in PHP language. Html is only used on WordPress to create blocks and documents. That means you can not use it write coding to good level. Hence it has following files and files written in PHP can only work. Like WordPress consist theme files- header.php, footer.php, sidebar.php. This means you need to convert index.html file into index.php. Once you complete this conversion you are all set.

We would suggest hiring professionals because this requires lots of efforts and programming skills. As you have already read above. The process is hectic and one single mistake on coding and programming is enough for creating a never-ending saga of horrors. Hence hiring an agency for the same is the best choice.

Hope this article helped you understanding about, convert the sketch file to WordPress. Thank you for visiting us hope to see you again.

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