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Website vs Facebook Page – What is best

Website vs Facebook Page

Website vs Facebook Page what is best for your business. Should you start your business on Facebook Page for free or invest in a website.

As everything is moving online. Online business and Online stores are everywhere. In today”s digital world. Anyone who wants to start a business can start. This is because of several Social Media platforms. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. All these platforms have customized their platform. So that those who want to set up their online stores or presence. Can do that easily. And our target in this article is to help you out. Which platform is best for your business Website or Facebook page. However end choice is yours. What is best for you.

Website vs Facebook Page

As the world is adopting digitalization. We need to mend our ideas and work as well. In an era where people watch movies first-day first show on their computer & TV. Read the newspaper on their phones. Running a marketing campaigns or advertising about your new business is like losing morning tea and waiting for evening to have it. Well if you are small business campaigns or even online business on social media can work like magic. Small business generally has to work on everything on their own. So taking a brick of website on your head will only worsen your game. Because websites need investments intitially. And time for maintainance later. Lets talk about Facebook Page first.

Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most used social networks. Billions of people are connected on Facebook. The idea of developing this app was to connect people. In very less time, Facebook has come across as a competitor for other social media platforms. Despite being oldest amongst all. Developers at Facebook has made it possible. For this social media platform to face new technologies. The constant updates on Facebook’s interface and functionality are the biggest reason for its success. One such update which makes Facebook special is the ability to sell on Facebook as well as run social media campaigns. You can create your business page and start your business in a few minutes.

Easy to use/ Cheap

It is easy to use. Since so many people are using social media. It is a familiar platform for everyone. Learning how to work on Social Media is quite easier. It has promotional features so you can grow your business as well. You do not need to spend time more than an hour on your Facebook page to manage and handle things, unlike a website. You do not need to spend money on freelancers etc. For a small business, this is a great way to work in your comfort space. Without spending money on digital marketing and complete setup. Hence, Facebook Page makes your online presence and business – Cheap. Easy & Simple.

Built in Limitation

Facebook provides right to change your page header, store details, edit content. Your content, including offers, promotions, and updates, must include within the guidelines established by Facebook. Any type of content you post on Facebook can be used by Facebook. For their own purposes, they can use your content. Until you delete it from Facebook. so you lose the appeal of exclusive, unique content. Also, anybody can copy your ideas from Facebook.


More traffic means more recognition. And more recognition is equal to more promotion. This is not any secret that billions of people are using Facebook. And traffic is what online business requires. For instance, we visit a page look at their products. It doesn’t mean every user will buy your product. But those people can come cross paths with your brand. This how you grow initially. Facebook is best for that too. But to increase your Reach, Interactions your content should be of great quality. Also, be it a website or any social media platform you need to work hard.

Mobile Friendly

Facebook is a mobile application. Hence, it is the responsibility of Facebook to take care of optimization and functionality. Since business pages are part of your social media. You need not worry about optimization for your digital marketing and that is such a relief. For example, if you are on the website you need to work on upgrading your site and it’s speed optimization as well. Because small business usually has to look after product quality. They don’t have time to tackle these maintenances.

Dependent on Facebook

As we have already discussed the built-in limitation of Facebook. We would like to point out on freedom. As you are working on another authority’s platform. You do not get the freedom to optimize and upgrade your page as you wish. You can not even work on customization etc.


Business offline is great. But business online is a way to stand out in a crowd. However, as the digital world is developing every day. Value of an online business is also increasing. However, stand place has also turn into a crowded place. But still, this place has more scope of business and its growth. However, at certain points, you might feel if this all worth or not. But the website provides its user best place. You get so many options when it comes to choosing a platform for your business website.


By setting up a website. You assure your customer about your authentication. You can add your address and contact information. This way your customers will know that the owner is genuine. And once trust is built in between seller and buyer. It becomes easy to grow your website as well as business.


Suppose you are playing a video game but your controller is being handled by your friend. You are sharing great ideas and doing your best but your friend is controlling it according to his mood. Bingo! you will lose. Similarly, the website gives you rights to control your posts, comments, feedback systems and most important upgrades of your website. Hence, if you want to see your ideas in reality. You need to have that platform and that is your website.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing and Advertising becomes much easier. You can run GoogleAd and start digital marketing campaigns. Advertising on websites is much cheaper and more relevant. Online Ads works better than offline once. This because of the algorithms. Algorithms find the type of audience searching for the product you have chosen for Ad. You spent a minimal amount of money on Digital Marketing but the revenue you collect return is always more than the amount you have spent.

Secure and Safe

Cybersquatting in case you haven’t heard about it you should learn about it. Someone else uses your domain (brand name) and sell products that might be of bad quality in the name of your domain. Or you can also accept looting in the name of your domain. You can protect that by being on your official website. Also, websites are much safer from hacking. Even if you are hacked the community will help you out of the mess.

The Limitation

The only limitation you may find is the advantage. Brainless Right! Well, I meant to say. That having a website is a lot of work and expense. You have to hire someone who will create a masterpiece website for you. Then you need someone to manage your website. While you have to focus on a hundred other things related to your business. Also setting up the website itself is expensive. But as mentioned the only disadvantage of having a website is its advantage.

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