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How to remove an uncategorized category in WordPress

How to remove uncategorized category in WordPress

How to remove an uncategorized category in WordPress. What do you understand? From uncategorized category. Methods to remove the same.

Doesn’t matter you are master or beginner on WordPress. If you are using WordPress. You might have come across this word. The uncategorized category. Usually tagged on your posts. Most probably you must be facing issues. Most of your posts must be under the uncategorized category. And this must be resulting in negative feedback for your website. As we add categories. According to our posts. It helps our posts gain traffic. More traffic equals more growth. Even though you are a beginner. Value of traffic is really important. Hence, this post is about “Uncategorised Category”. What is an uncategorized category? How to remove an uncategorized category in WordPress?

What is an Uncategorized category?

WordPress is one of the most used content management platforms. Also known for its best service. In WordPress, Tags & Categories. These two built-in features are used. To organize posts and content. You can refer categories as taxonomies. Which means collecting almost similar or related articles into one category. For instance, suppose you click pictures at your college function. And you already have tons of pictures. So what will you do? You will create a group or folder which have your college events memories. Similarly on WordPress. You add posts and articles into one category. These posts should be linked and related to the category you have chosen.

Label ” uncategorized category ” appears. When you do not. Add the relevant category to your posts. This label is meaningless and worthless. As it doesn’t help your site. Your site doesn’t even rank good. Or you will also not attract traffic.

The reason you should remove an uncategorized category

Nothing so special about the reasons. Yet this might help you. To rank good. Or optimize your posts. There are only two good reasons. Why you should eliminate the uncategorized category? The first reason is “improving website quality”. And the second reason is increased readers satisfaction.

Improving Website Quality

When you do not categorize your posts. It indirectly indicates. You are unprofessional, careless and negligent towards your work. The category also provides. Your traffic with easy navigation. They can read related posts easily. The category also gives readers clarity. It becomes clear by category. About what topic your post is about.

Increasing Readers Satisfaction

For example, you are in a coffee shop. You want to have Black Coffee. You pick up the Menu card. At a coffee section. They have mentioned uncategorized. While the Menu should have the type of coffee and rate. Such a terrible experience. Inconvenient and frustrating on the other hand. Would you like to revisit the coffee shop? Similarly, posts should be categorized. For the convince of the reader. And as mentioned above. This shall help them navigate to similar posts. As easier the navigation. Longer will visitor stay.

Uncategorized is a default taxonomy. Since you can not change that. You should do some settings. And add another default category.

Methods to remove an uncategorized category in WordPress

Generally, there are two methods. By the help of which. You can remove it. Uncategorized category on WordPress. Rename the default category. Create a default category.

Rename a default category

Because title already says it all. By the help of this step. You can rename Uncategorized. To something which links. To your site. And average posts.

  • On your Dashboard. Go to Post>Categories.
  • On left is “Add category”. On right is “Bulk action”. At the right side. On bulk action. Locate “Uncategorized”.
  • Below uncategorized. Click on Edit.
  • Edit new name.
  • In edit category. Change Slug name.
  • Scroll down. Click Update.

And now your default category. Will show new default name. Make sure to edit the new name. Related to your site posts.

Create a new default category

It is not possible. That all your posts. Can be dragged into one category. Hence you can add. New Categories as desired.

  • On the dashboard of your site. Go to Posts>Categories.
  • Move to. Add new category.
  • Add your desired name. In the Name section. To add a new category.
  • Edit Slug.
  • Click Add new category.
  • Move to Settings>Writings.
  • Edit Default Post Category.
  • Place your desired category. As default.
  • Scroll down. Click Save.

You can use. Any of these methods. Thankyou for visiting us.

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