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When planning your website, what is one of the key things you should consider

When planning your website

In caser, you are planning to become a website owner. You must have come across to the points where you might have thought about several aspects of having a website. Like, How will you grow your website? How will you attract clients? And initially while planning you must have thought about. What is that key point you should consider to grow your site?

In this article you will see What is that key thing? And can you plan your site according to that Key thing.

When planning your website, What is one of the key things you should consider? The answer to this question is “What you want your customers to do on your site”. Basically this means what you have planned to display on your site. And by the display, we don’t mean to say about only posts. But also the theme of your business and the execution you have planned. And for improvement and growth, you need to do your best in understanding. What customers want to see on your site. Then you need to plan everything according to you, i.e., after analyzing what customers of your firm are interested in watching. You add your ideas or execution to balance your authenticity, exclusiveness on your site.

While what exclusive you want to show your customers depends on your business and thoughts. Have look at What Do Your Customers & Prospects Want from Your Website?

What Do Your Customers & Prospects Want from Your Website

Before you expect your customers to do what you want them to do on your site (Navigate and purchase pretty much obvious). It is your responsibility to fulfil your customer’s demand. When planning your website. You can show them what you want them to see. By simply understanding what they want to see on your or any other website.

Easy Navigation & simple to use

Having a Navigation bar is so important. Easy navigation makes customers explore your posts, blogs, products. Firstly, should plan an easy navigation bar. Because 50% of users try to find an easy way of exploring your site. Traffic also increases on the sites which are speed optimized. As well as has easy navigation. In today’s world of click and go digitalization. Anyone won’t wait more than 3 seconds. Even you won’t last more than a minute on-site. Which is complicated to work on. You should add links to your social media, products etc. After you complete navigation. You should add products and posts on accurate pages. You want your customers to explore.


Name a person who doesn’t love discounts. One of the most used business marketing strategies is providing your customers with offers & discounts. Many well-known websites like Amazon. Also, adopt this business strategy. Similar, products are available on a different website. Who will not like 50% offer over a product on which other website doesn’t give discounts? You can add other products below you want customers to check out most.

Contact Information

Trust is building block of any relationship. Likewise, for buyer and seller relationship. Before you show your bestselling to clients. You need to assure your customers that you are authentic and genuine. So add your contact and forum where people can easily talk to customers. Get their feedbacks. Solve their queries etc.

Be Consistent

There should be a moderate tone in your posts. You should not use either too serious or too friendly language. Users want consistency in your branding methods. The customer gets frustrated with big changes to think them through carefully. Before completely changing the look and feel of your site.

Responsive towards Mobile

85% of people must be visiting your website from Mobile. So you should first develop a website which looks good and adjust its display according to the display of the user. This is known as Responsive Website. Hence you should test your website on a different type of screen size etc. frequently. This way items you have displayed. Should be clearly visible to the customers.

Image Optimization

You should always use Image Optimization tools. Because in case the image of your product is not visible in 3 seconds maximum. At any situation even if the server of the customer is slow. They will lose interest in exploring your products. So make sure you are using Image Optimization tools.

Add Calls to Action (CTA)

As soon as your content, elements and design are on display. Consumers would like to see a strong CTA. Clear direction guides them and explains what action they should take next. For instance, setting your profile. CTA is easy to recognize because it provides a great contrasts with the rest of your page. You can spot CTAs in a red or deep blue colour. Because it stands out against lighter backgrounds. This enhances users experience. You can guide them with products you want them to see once.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

If you are having a website. This step is not only important for consumers. But you need to grab the certificate as soon as possible if you haven’t. SSL not only provides consumers with trust. But also provides your website protection from hacks. Your authenticity and authorization is something which attracts more traffic on your site.

The Conclusion

When planning your website, what is one of the key things you should consider? As you already know after reading the article answer is “What you want your customers to do on your site”. Generally, we browse different type of website according to the type of product we are in search of. Therefore, it is quite difficult to tell. What type of business would want to show their customers what type of products? But the key point here is. You can understand what your clients/consumers want to see on your website. This way you can plan your website and business easily. Every business website is exclusive even though ideas originate from similar platforms. So make sure to touch up your ideas along with making consumers expectations come true. Although, every business is different the base of every business is consumers. If consumers aren’t interested in what you have. No point how great quality you produce. It will be in vain.

Thank You for visiting us, Keep reading.

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