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CodeIgniter vs WordPress

CodeIgniter vs WordPress

CodeIgniter vs WordPress! Did we hear that seriously?

Half of the content on browsers is from WordPress. But, that doesn’t mean WordPress is in a race alone. Along with WordPress, we have CodeIgniter. A great content management platform. Which is not less than WordPress. More people came to know about WordPress. After WordPress introduced came to light and most of the small scale bloggers and business started on the same. Their main reason for choosing was saving the cost of host. When these businesses grew they then moved to The original WordPress. But, what is the point talking about that right? Because this is why most of the businesses and bloggers are on WordPress. Not that the platform isn’t good. But, this is the reason most of the people do not know about CodeIgniter and more such platforms. Or say, other platforms not hyped as WordPress.

In this article, we will be discussing points about both of these great platforms. Because I am sure you probably know the basics or G.k of WordPress. Let us know about CodeIgniter first.

CodeIgniter vs WordPress

CodeIgniter web framework

Initially launched in 2006. Operating used is cross-platform. Written in PHP. It is open-source and has an MIT License. CodeIgniter has so far shown great performance in powering next generation of web apps. It consists of small footwork. All these qualities of CodeIgniter make it simple and basic yet a powerful web development framework. It is very easy to use. People searching for a platform which is easy, simple and secure should really go for it. Below are some important features of CodeIgniter.

Features of CodeIgniter

Open Source

As mentioned above. CodeIgniter consist of MIT License. This License provides CodeIgniter open-source platform. Secure and open for everyone who wants to use it.

MVC Pattern

MVC Pattern is based on three models: First is a model representing. Second, the visualization of data. Last, control due to which secure and stable system controlling both model and view are developed.

Light weight

By lightweight it means. The system needs very less access to library and shows a quick response. In short, not much storage is at stake.


It is a search engine friendly source. Because CodeIgniter does not follow standard query methods. This is a reason it has a good search engine optimization system.


It provides validation feature. It is because of validation feature codes on CodeIgniter can be written in a single line. This framework establishes and generates codes without any bug. Controls are also arranged with HTML Technology.


No doubt, CodeIgniter has a great PHP framework as well. It consists of small footprints. CodeIgniter can provide you with full-featured web applications. It is fast and has a great speed. You can also create dynamic websites via PHP.

Built-in Library

CodeIgniter come with package of libraries. You can enable these libraries. This library consist of web needed tasks like manipulating images, sending emails, database, form validation, etc.


XSS Filtering, CSRF protection, Password handling, and Input data validation. These are some tools CodeIgniter framework use in order to protect web applications. All these tools are already built-in.


CodeIgniter has a great support system. This support system helps grow the user’s community. CodeIgniter supports other types of frameworks. This is included on its documentation. Other than CodeIgniter no other framework provides this documented feature.

Other Features

Some other features which are very useful. Includes:

  • Security and XSS Filtering
  • File uploading, session management, pagination, data encryption
  • Flexible URI Routing
  • Zip encoding class
  • Error logging
  • Full-page caching
  • Localization

If you need any type of above mentioned features. You should go for CodeIgniter.


As we all know about the popularity of WordPress already. WordPress is known for its five minutes installation. It is easy to use and have plugins for everything we need. People having no coding skills can also use WordPress.

Features of WordPress

Plugins and Customization

Be it Optimization tools or SEO. WordPress consists of all types of plugins. Better functionality of your site can also be achieved using these plugins. You can also get plugins for turning your website into a web app. More than 60, 000 plugins make this platform easy for everyone. Various free themes to customize the appearance of your website.


WordPress is also an open-source platform. Licensed with GPLv2. It is the content management system (CMS), based on MySQL Database and PHP. This is a free platform. Mostly used for blogging.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As mentioned above. WordPress has many plugins to improve its functionality. One such plugin is of Yoast SEO. You can add key phrases and meta description to optimize your blogs.


WordPress is one of the most flexible tools. You can create any type of website. Personal blog, web application, website, a magazine, portfolio, etc. You can add plugins and themes to maintain aesthetics.

Easy Publishing

Publishing on WordPress is very easy. You can add media, image and videos. People who know how to work on Word. Finds WordPress easier to work on. As it has an easy interface.

Publishing Tools

WordPress has very simple Publishing tools. Anyone can use these publishing tools. You can manage your content. Create drafts, schedule your publication, revise and edit posts. Password protect your pages and posts.

Easy Installation & Upgrade

WordPress is famous for its five minutes installation process. It is because of FTP Program. By the help of an FTP program, you can create database. Upload WordPress using FTP and run the installer. In case, you don’t know how FTP program works. You can install WordPress using Hosts.


Your website, your content, your controls- Hosts come and go. But your data and content remain yours. WordPress consists of GPLv2+ LICENSE. This license ensures your freedom. You can modify it as you want. Hence, you can use WordPress to customize etc.

Full Standards Compliance

WordPress is W3C affiliated. This means your content and website will run on the current browser. This means, your website is ready for future generation technology updates. As well as, recent updates.


WordPress consist of Multilingual. That means, it has 70+ Languages. You can use any language other than English.

That is all for the comparisons of CodeIgniter vs WordPress. Read conclusion for better understanding.


Both of the platforms are powerful and are open-source. Choosing between them is actually difficult. However, you can choose depending upon what type of blog or website you are going to publish on your website. Websites are different for different people. Because the main point of creating your websites are different. So, we recommend before getting into any of these platform study and analysis of your requirement is a must. Checkout if the type of your business and blog has a growth on the respective platform or not. Because each platform has different facilities for its users.

Hope this article helped resolve your query regarding CodeIgniter vs WordPress. Thank you for visiting us. Keep visiting, reading and learning with us.

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