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Published on: Dedicated Servers

How to Install WordPress on Dedicated Servers

How to Install WordPress on Dedicated Servers Looks tricky but is easy to perform if done right. Widely used content management platform, WordPress. Mainly used for blogging. Started in May 2003. WordPress can be installed on operating systems like Unix-like, Linux and Windows. WordPress is famous for its five minutes of installation because anyone can start their own sites in minutes.

Enhancement of the website is a key component. Usage of Hosts and Plugins for performance is setup. Dedicated servers, play the same role.

Install WordPress on Dedicated Server

If You are using a shared host, the host provides you with several best options for hosting a WordPress website. After a while of a great experience, you get updates of your site being slow. Most probably you were using a shared host because of the shared resources, your site faces issues. Then you get to know about the dedicated server.

A Server devoted to your site. This Server will only host your website. The standard and inexpensive shared cloud hosting hosts more than one website because of which website lags and slow down. A dedicated server is set up dedicatedly for your website which will result in fast website speed and the ability to handle way more requests than a shared host.

Their are specific advantages of Installing WordPress on Dedicated Servers.

Pros of dedicated server

  1. A dedicated server provides you with great speed optimization and performance because the focus of the server is only on one site or application.
  2. Least security concerns, your website is safe from hackers. Your data is also safe because no one has access to your server.
  3. You can have more control over your hardware and software. Best for self-hosting sites. Becomes easy to control activities.
  4. Since you have a separate server you can customize your website according to your preferences.
  5. In case, your website or application needs more extensive network and disk space you can request for more CPUs.

What to keep in mind before installing a dedicated server

  1. On-site and Off-site? You need to decide whether you will want to have a site on-premises server near you or you want a third party to take care of your server. The on-premises server will require a network, area, equipment and someone to manage the system.
  2. Either you can rent the server or buy your own, have a clear understanding of what do you need.
  3. Having an understanding of your work is really important because that way you will have accurate configurations. Disks, Processors, network connections you should have knowledge of their requirement in your work.

Installation on a dedicated server

Lets have a look on How to Install WordPress on Dedicated Servers.

Before installation, you need to take care about these requirements:

  • You should have access to a web server it can be FTP or Shell.
  • You should know how to create a MySQL database.
  • Have a text editor and FTP client.

As soon as you get access to these requirements you are ready to install WordPress without any issues. Installation takes place in three steps:

  • Download and Extract WordPress.
  • Creating a MySQL database.
  • Editing configuration and PHP.
  • Installing WordPress.


First of all, you need to download the latest WordPress software from their website because updated software is important for the performance of the system.

Right-click on the software package and click “extract all” from the menu. Click “browse” your file will be extracted and placed in an accessible area of your desktop.


Sign in to your dedicated server that is cPanel/control panel.

Scroll to the Section “database”, Click ” MySQL database wizard”.

On “create a database” type the name of your new database. Use a name related to your domain because it will help you recognise the database.

Create a database user, enter your username and password. Click “add a user to your database”. Check-in all privileges and click “next”.


Open any text editor like, notepad or one-note. Open the folder having extracted files of WordPress. Drag the file named “Wp configuration and PHP sample” to open this file on your text editor as a document.

How to Install WordPress on Dedicated Servers

Replace the “sample database name” with “new database name”. For example DB_NAME’,’USER is a sample database name replace “USER” with a new name. Make sure you don’t replace any comma, apostrophe, bracket, etc. Similarly, to replace the username and password. Also, rename the file to “wp-config.php”.

How to Install WordPress on Dedicated Servers

For additional security of your site enter your security key in the section “Authentication Unique Keys and Salts.” You can create your key from security key section.

Save this file in the same file where you saved sample file.

Install WordPress

Open FTP program, enter your server username, password when asked.

Via using the FTP program locate the extracted WordPress file on your desktop. Right-click on WordPress package display on your desktop click “Upload”. Don’t close the FTP program while Upload is going.

Open your Web browser. Type your website’s domain name into the address bar and add the suffix “/wp-config.php” without the quotation marks.

WordPress Script install page will be opened. Create your new web site’s title, your new username and password to access the website and your email address for password retrieval.

Click “Install WordPress”. Log in to your new WordPress site with the username and password you created.

Is dedicated server worth

Without any doubt dedicated server is the most expensive server, but the question is “Is it worth for your extra money”. Well, every server and host have their own pros and cons. For Dedicated Server it is important for the user to have an understanding of their needs of system and type of network they want to build because you may waste money if you pay for more than you need. Talking about the best use of a Dedicated server, it is best for business provides privacy and security from hackers.

So, yes dedicated server is worth extra money but you need to be careful of what you want and how you want to execute the system.

That’s all for today hope you guys learned “How to Install WordPress on Dedicated Servers”

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