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10 Best WordPress Menu Plugins

We got you 10 Best WordPress Menu Plugins. For any website, it is important to maintain aesthetics i.e, the appearance of the website. Along with the appearance, easy navigation of the visitor plays an important role in increasing the traffic (visitors on your website). Hence, it is important that your content reaches out to the visitors on your website because easier the user’s navigation more will be your engagement of the visitors. Therefore, to our rescue comes the Menu Plugin feature for WordPress.

You can find various free as well as a paid collection of menu icon plugin. From Minimalist to attractive and animated menu icons you get many options.

Importance of WordPress Menu

You can consider a menu option as a guide for any website. Suppose you are browsing for content & you end up on a website. You go through their attractive Menu Section and you find various articles in a single click. On the other hand, the other website which doesn’t have a well-prepared menu. Experiences decrease in traffic because most of there content hot lost or mixed up in various different topics of there website.

10 Best WordPress Menu Plugins

Below are the 10 Best WordPress Menu Icon Plugins you can use to enhance the appearance and navigation of your website.

5 Free WordPress Menu Plugins

WordPress provides some free menu plugin into its plugin features. Below are five such free plugins you can use for your website.

The Best Menu Icon Plugins for WordPress
Image source: WP mobile menu

WP Mobile Menu Plugin is used for Mobile users. Most of the people today use their phones for browsing. Due to which most of the traffic on websites is from mobile users. Hence, you need to maintain a smooth experience for mobile users. WP menu plugin can enhance the menu features easily. Features on WP plugin are multi-level dropdown, background image, logo, overlay mask or header. You can also modify the style of your menu according to the theme of your website.

MENU ICONS Customization is in build

Easiest and effortless way of customizing your site because it is the least time-consuming. You only need to install and activate the feature. Go to your menu and add the icons of your choice. And it’s done. You can customize the icons according to the theme of your website.


WP Mega Menu WordPress plugin is easy to use and work. You can craft a mega menu. If you are professionally into WordPress you should use WP Mega Menu because it provides features like drag and drops technology and much more technical features. WP Mega Menu doesn’t require coding skills to modify the Menu. You can use some basic features like changing colours, add icons and logo, search bar, widgets and etc.

The Best Menu Icon Plugins for WordPress
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The advanced sidebar menu is slightly a different menu option. It is convenient and easy to set up because you can add features like widgets, category, pages to the sidebar. The only difference between the normal and sidebar menu option is of position. You can use both menu options according to your preferences.

The Best Menu Icon Plugins for WordPress
Image source:

With an online store, comes the responsibility of providing all the necessary features for easy navigation of visitors. So for that Woo Commerce Menu Cart is the best free option available. You can add a cart option to your website with the help of the Woo Commerce plugin feature. This plugin provides you floating cart (left or right).

5 Premium WordPress Menu Plugins

For professional sites who wants to add unique and different features to there, websites can use Premium Plugins.

The Best Menu Icon Plugins for WordPress
Image Source link: Codecanyon

Uber menu is the best plugin. Widely used across the globe and is highly appreciated for its work because of its features as follows:

  1. You can add google maps to your menu.
  2. Adjust the menu vertically and horizontally.
  3. You can see how to function your menu.
  4. Live features are available for analysis of the outcome.

The only problem you may face is Uber is not compatible with some WordPress Themes.


Just in a few clicks, you can transform your WordPress menu option by the help of Hero Menu. It is easy to add menu icons, features of the hero menu are:

  1. Easy organisation of links because of the drop-down menu.
  2. You can add an interface to add large and small images to your menu.
  3. Add background images to your mega menu.
  4. Add google map to your menu.
The Best Menu Icon Plugins for WordPress
Image Source:

WP Mega Menu Pro is a blessing for those who have zero coding skills because it provides you with more than thousands of customization options.

  1. It has both vertical and horizontal menus.
  2. Triggers and transition effects
  3. Compatible with most of the WordPress themes
The Best Menu Icon Plugins for WordPress
Image Source: Pintrest

WP Floating menu probably the only plugin developed for a single-page menu allowing you to create two types of the menu:

  1. Sticky Menu
  2. Single page Menu

That’s all for today’s article hope you guys enjoyed reading. We at SKJCORP develop WordPress websites and customize it. If you have any project for us please feel free to contact us here.

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