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5 TOP benefits of having a website

What are the benefits of having a website

5 TOP benefits of having a website, before we get into the topic let’s have a look at some information for better information?

Need any help, don’t worry “The internet is here to rescue you”. Usage of the internet has increased massively as soon as digital programs hit our world.

We have social networking services like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc. Still, we need a website. Social media provides us with engagements. But, the website can become a game-changer. For running any type of business to it’s best you probably need to invest your time in both Social Media and Website. So, we have a mindset that social media and websites probably do the same work on different platforms. This is where we mess up.

Let’s bust this myth before getting into the benefits of having a website.

Social Media vs Website

  • If you are into business, you already know the value of your brand. For any brand, it is really important to maintain a good reputation in their industry and market. Although, having a social media account is a great way to increase your brand value, insights and engagement. But, customer complaints on your social media indirectly harm your brand’s reputation. To maintain this you really need to have a website and service providers who do not irritate complainers but help them with there query.
  • No doubt social media provide your brand with more customers. But, does it allow you to customise your account according to your brand’s preference. Does it allow you to post all sort of legal images and videos? Social media run under the guidelines of there owners. Hence, it has some limitations which might sometimes come in between you and your brand. Having a website gives you the privilege of all controls. Customise your site according to your preference. Post your content without being subjected to unnecessary reports for no reasons.
  • Your content is the second most important part of your business. First is obvious quality. Your website gives all rights to put your opinions about your business. You can use tools and methods to reach out to more people by the help of your content.
  • Having a website means having full control, privacy and security of your content and products. Social media is more prone to get hacked sometimes. Hence, your website provides you with security.

Is having a website worth your money

As discussed above, we mistake social media as enough source for branding. This raises questions like “What wonders can a website do? Is it worth pay 10-20$ to a hosting company for a website? We can use social media for free. Why pay for a website then?

Your main purpose for creating a website should be providing your customers or audience with a platform to communicate, learn and know your brand. With certain limitations, you can not provide your audience with communication and knowledge about your brand, but your website’s content can even, without having a one to one conversation. Your website is a primary place where your ideas and thoughts come to notice.

5 TOP benefits of having a website

Let’s have a look at “5 TOP benefits of having a website”. In today’s digital world every individual is connected to the world wide web. Expecting that every brand has there a website where customers can acknowledge their work and ask queries. Owning a website has become as difficult as owning a shop or house. Because websites cost you a certain amount of money. However, if you invest in your own website you have high chances to collect double the amount you might have invested in maintaining your website.

1) Online Presence

Every company has a certain period of working hours. After that, you cut off your threads with work and explore yourself. This is a time where you are away from competing with other business companies. Having a website gives that extra attention from your viewers or customers. The website itself increases customers as they can browse the list of their needs without coming out of there homes and getting themselves embarrass if they don’t have enough money to buy your product. If you don’t have your own website you are probably losing customers to other brands.

2) Expanding Market

As it becomes easy to access your site. You attract viewers from across the world. This way your marketplace increases as you start gaining more customers every day. More people will be able to find your company and would like to become part of your company.

3) Advertising

Advertising can be done on both Social media and website. Both ways of the advertising campaign show potential benefits on a small scale and large scale business. SEO and online Ad is a great way of reaching out to new customers as it rapidly increases traffic on your website. You can also advertise the most sold product of your website to increase the sale. If you are a blogger you can advertise about your website through an ad video or image.

4) Opportunity

As discussed, your website is a primary place where your ideas and thoughts can be noticed. Your website gives you new opportunities to work with other companies and find new investors. You should always provide your contact and should be clear with your ideas. The website can show your potential very well.

5) Credibility

Frauds are something that often discomforts customers to take their step behind. But, you can make it up to them. Websites establish trust between clients and the company. Because your home page of the website shows authentic information about your business and About Us page, about your work and from contact us page they can easily contact you for your services.

If you are planning to have your own website you can contact us. We at SKJCORP do website design and development according to client requirements.

Thank you for visiting us, Keep Reading and learning.

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