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How to hide featured image in WordPress post

How to hide featured image in WordPress post? What are the methods you can use to hide the featured image in WordPress Posts?

WordPress its amazing features have always been talking of the web developing industry. Be it their magical easy installation process. Which is also famous as five-minute installation. WordPress never fails its users. This platform is SEO ready. And anyone can use it, that means you don’t need to have a piece of proper coding knowledge. The person with moderate coding knowledge. This is an open-source and the best content management platform. WordPress has so many advantages. That one can talk about these Advantages for very long. Even if you find any issue on WordPress you can solve that issue on your own. In this article, we will be talking about one such issue. That is how to hide the featured image in WordPress post. The featured image is also known as the thumbnail.

Change featured image in WordPress

The process of changing the featured image in WordPress is not very much hectic. However, how you want to do that depends upon your convenience. You can use the plugin in case you want to avoid some processing. Or maybe you are wasting your time and energy searching for a plugin. When the WordPress theme you are using already gives you the right to do that more simply. Below are some plugins you can use to resolve your issue. But before discussing over that let’s see how you can manage your featured image on WordPress Theme option.

Check WordPress Theme Option

Sometimes you don’t want to remove an image from your posts. You just want to hide the image on a particular post. You might want to do this because you want to display the image on your site’s home page. But you don’t want to have that image on that particular post. A featured image is an option. Which can be controlled by the WordPress themes. These themes have the option so that the user can hide the featured image. So you can save your time. By just checking if the theme you are using. Provides your option to do so or not. You can check that and edit that by simply following these steps

  • Move to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now go to Post > All Post.
  • Click on the Post you want to hide the featured image.
  • Under the setting button. Placed on top of the right side of your display. You will find options like Tags, Categories, Featured image, Excerpt, Discussion and Post setting. If you have a post setting option you can do the same. If it is not available on post setting then it might be available in the Featured Image section.
  • Click on Post Setting.
  • Tick the Checkbox – Disable featured images, videos etc.

Use Plugin

Now coming back to the plugin option. You might have heard about the “Hide Featured Images” Plugin. Why we are mentioning this is because this plugin has not been updated in a very long period. Using any plugin which is not updated means it might not be compatible along with WordPress’s new version. Also, it has been receiving poor reviews. Everything is on a public platform so you can check it on the official site.

You can use another plugin called as Conditionally display featured. This plugin is constantly updated. It is compatible with the recent WordPress update. Supports PHP versions of 5.6 or higher.

  • Move to Dashboard.
  • Click on PLUGIN > ADD PLUGIN.
  • Search   Conditionally display featured.
  • Click on Install button.
  • Then click Activate.
  • Go to Posts > All Posts.
  • Choose the post on which you want to hide the featured image.
  • Then click on Settings > Document.
  • Under which you will see many options like tags, excerpts etc.
  • Click on the option Featured image.
  • Tick the checkbox – “Display featured image in post lists only, hide on singular views”

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