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How to change copyright in WordPress

How to change copyright in WordPress

How to change copyright in WordPress. What are the steps and how to edit it.

WordPress not only one of the most popular CMS. But it also provides its users with awesome features. Be it a customization of your website. Or optimizing content on your website. Starting an online business or blog. WordPress is the one designated place for all. Talking about changing or editing copyrights on WordPress. This article will help you out in changing or editing copyrights in WordPress. Well, the procedure is really very simple and easy. But it might eat your Brain cells to edit the same. How frustrating this can be. You are spending money on premium for WordPress. This nothing more than injustice. Because in the first place you need not spend money on such a costless thing.

How to change copyright in WordPress

Have you ever stumbled by this question? How Do You Edit the Copyright Section in the Footer of WordPress Themes? Well, this is a question which answers itself. And if you feel you have again stumbled yourself with a mystery question. Well, the answer is pretty simple. You can change the copyright via editing your footer section. Have a look at this simple procedure.

  • Go to your Dashboard.
  • Move to Appearance > Editor Menu.
  • When you will open Editor. Display with some codes (style.css) will appear in the centre. At Right few Templates or options will be given. Search for Theme Footer.
  • Click on Theme Footer.
  • Footer.php file will be open.
  • Once your file for editing footer opens. Locate the part which you want to edit.
  • Edit section you want to edit do not touch anything else like (<.,/etc.)
  • Edit your desired keywords and Click Save.

NOTE: Make sure whatever you edit is in between <div> which means opening and </div> which means closing.

Well, this is how easy it is to change or edit copyright in WordPress. Now one more question stumbles upon us. Can you remove the copyright of the WordPress Theme?

In case you want to remove the copyright of WordPress. Then you need to play with PHP a little bit. So having some coding skills is very important. You need to install a child theme which should be based on the existing theme. Now you have to set a new value in the footer.php file or other files (depending on the theme). Now the procedure is similar. You only have to edit the part you do not want in your footer.php file or remove the desired coding you don’t want to appear on your site.

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