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How much does it cost to build a website for a small business

How much does it cost to build a website for a small scale business

How much does it cost to build a website for a small business? The average cost of website design for small business. It is way lesser than that of setting up a small scale business offline. Online business has so many advantages. Having a website of your own has its own benefits in business. Studies show that almost 85% of small business saw growth in their business online.

Talking about online vs offline. Both of the platforms have it’s own perks and cons. However, online business has perks more and cons very less. Small scale business moving online basically aim to compete in the global market. Any type of online business earns more than business set up offline. Why?

Perks of Online Business

Most probably because offline business for small and large scale business demands investments. You need to invest in property no matter if you rent or buy your workplace. You can only expand business in your locality. Online business provides you unlimited market. Advertising on online platform hardly cost anything. While traditional ways of Ad goes unnoticed because everyone is online 24hrs/7. Offline you will have specific hours of working. Online you work 24hrs/7 but on your terms.

You are not forced to work when you feel not to work. Your only investment online is to set up a website for which you need to pay host which costs less than half the amount you pay to buy or rent an office. Your website is your workplace. Instant and online transactions.

Today, when the world is battling COVID 19. An only online business firm is working usually with more precautions. Online business provides part-time jobs for people finding a way to meet their needs. Because customers are shifting online for their convenience. Expanding business locally has also become a challenge for an offline business.

Let us take an example of Amazon, recently when WHO declared COVID 19 as a global pandemic. Most of the countries choose the way of lockdown. Clearly, this step created a downfall in every industrial area. The online firm is also affected but not in a way that it becomes necessary for the company for the closer. Consumer started shopping online for their day to day need. Resulting in more than usual purchasing online. People started paying online to avoid contact while delivery. The only disadvantage online shopping sites are facing is they can not deliver in some areas. It does affect their economy but that is really very less because more and more people have stayed online shopping.

Let’s have look on, How much does it cost to build a website for a small business?

How much does it cost to build a website for a small business

Firstly, every website is designed for a different business purpose. Hence, the cost of the same depends upon your requirements. Requirements mean your budget, type of your business and industry. Behind every website, there is a lot going on for instance purchasing domain, host SSL certificate etc. That is really not possible for a small scale business to spend a huge amount of money in all of these initiatives. Once your business starts growing you can go for other custom made website. For a small scale business web designing is divided into four major components. Depending upon your requirement; first is a custom made website, eCommerce site, single-page website and template-based website.

Custom made website

Custom made websites can be expensive. Ranging in between $3000 to $7500. But if you are someone who is looking forward to expanding your business eventually your investment will pay off. Custom made websites takes more time to build-up approximately 6-8 months. However, the end results of such websites are pleasantly and fruitful of all waiting. Custom websites are created from scratch and are highly aesthetic in appearance. Pros are your website will turn out the way you want it to be. The developer will focus on your marketing plans and design exactly the same. Looks and feels professional. Includes every feature you can use. Generally custom websites host, domain, SSL certificate etc. Most of the money in building such a website is spent on purchasing these requirements,


If you are aiming to come forward in the global market. You should go for eCommerce sites. Propagated especially for selling goods and products online. Such websites costing depends upon the requirements they need ranging in between $2,500 to $5000. Costing managed according to the customization requirement.

Single Page website

Cheapest websites ever. Range in between $500 to $800. Single page websites are generally used by small businesses desperately wanting to have an online presence but have a very low budget. Although such websites generally don’t even show up in Google ranking. Such websites are great for business providing limited services. They are easy to use and manage. Can be developed in a short period of time. The biggest disadvantage is you can not upgrade or make any changes to this website.

Template Website

Second cheapest and a good option for small scale business and budget, Basically, you will provide few layouts by your developer. You need to choose a layout. Then you can discuss design requirements. Such websites rank good on Google. Does not burn your pocket. Within a month your website is ready. You get access to manage your website content. But you get very limited options to choose a design from. Range in between $1,500 to $3000.

Hope this article helped you understand, How much does it cost to build a website for a small business. Thank you for visiting, keep reading.

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