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OTP Provider – 10 best Providers

OTP Provider

OTP Provider. What is OTP? Why we use OTP ? 10 Best OTP Providers?

The digital world has made all of us its regular users. Everybody is on social media irrespective of their ages. Because of these social media platforms and mobile applications. We have come across with word OTP. OTP is One-time-Password. Which is also famous as one time pin or dynamic password. The idea behind this OTP was to provide authentication. For instance, You are a Facebook user. Before signup the ask you for email or phone number. On the respective given information. Then they sent OTP on the same. This OTP is usually a four-digit number. Why do they send this OTP? In this article, we will discuss OTP.

What is OTP verification?

In terms of definition.OTP is a one-time password. Alphanumeric or numeric character. Which generates automatically. We use this technology before any transaction. Or any session in an app or website. This technology was developed in order to provide authentication and verify users. It is used in many businesses to maintain secure and safe user flow. OTP is provided through the SMS. This SMS works only one time. The OTP expires in 10 minutes. So we need to use it before the expiration period. It is the responsibility of OTP SMS provider to ensure delivery of these messages on time.

Why use OTP?

OTP is a authentication process. In other words it is a important step of verification. Also it is more secure than any static password. We are doing so many important things online. Like transactions of money and some serious business profiles. OTP provides security as no one can access to that password. Unless and until you are hacked.

How does OTP works?

This is a very simple process of four steps. And we are sure might be knowing these steps.

  • User will enter his/her user name and password.
  • As soon as you enter the username and password. The request is sent to the backend.
  • When the username and password of the person matches. OTP is sent.
  • At the end you the user have to enter the OTP sent by the provider.

10 OTP Providers

1. Exotel

Exotel is one of the most famous OTP SMS Providers. This company provides OTP SMS to Globe. Many countries including India is on the list of their top consumers. Many famous websites like Flipkart, Ola, Red Bus, Practo etc. are using this platform in order to generate OTP. They provide cost-effectively, No Delay and operational efficient codes. Work is very simple to implement and you are provided with extensive reports every day.

2. 2Factor

2Factor is number one transactional OTP SMS Providers. They claim to OTP SMS in 2 to 6 seconds. The features mentioned on their website include Free Trails. Just like any other website they have Support portal. Also, they provide promotional and transactional OTP SMS. They ensure data privacy. You need to pay per delivery. They have Paid per delivery system. They are reliable OTP Provider.

3. Teleo

Teleo is OTP SMS Provider, They have free trials and support as well. Claims to do instant delivery. Takes Promotional, Transactional and OTP SMS. Send SMS from Web, API, Mobile App, Excel & WordPress Plugins. They have affordable plans and packages. The SMS are featured with API technology. This is very much reliable, secure and scalable platform.

4. BulkSMS

BulkSMS is an OTP SMS generating company. This country is providing service all over the world. They have a very good Support system inbuilt on their website. They use global Gateway technology. With the help of this platform, you can send messages to over 800 people. They claim to send messages through the most reliable route to ensure safety. Mobile development companies like NetApp and IBM BladeCenter.

5. Dovesoft

Dove soft is one of the most popular and affordable bulk SMS service provider. They provide missed calls, bulk SMS, IVR Solutions, Bulk Email SMS services etc. This company based in India. In India they are rated and ranked as no. 1 Bulk SMS providers.

6. MSG91

MSG91 is a very popular website which is used to providing the Bulk SMS. Transactional and Promotional SMS Gateways. This is a company working worldwide. This is not only Bulk SMS Gateway API India it also enables the SMS OTP API. They are also ranked in top Indian OTP Providing company. It secure and easy working. They use different routes as well as are reliable.

7. BhashSMS

BashSMS is popular as it is one of the most affordable company. This is a company which is based in India. This is the cheapest website which costs only 6 rupees/ SMS. They provide bulk SMS and Bulk OTP SMS. They have both transactional and promotional OTP SMS facility.

8. Vianett

Vianett provides high-quality gateway SMS. This company works worldwide. Hence you can send bulk SMS to from anywhere to anybody in the world. Vianett also provides lots of other services like Bulk SMS, SMS billing, HLR-lookup, 2-way communication, etc. The website also provides you with a free trial. They are the best OTP and Bulk SMS Providers.

9. SMS Horizone

SMS Horizon provides a free trial. So that user gets to know about their work. They are also one of the most popular SMS services providers. Over 20 thousand plus businesses to send and receive SMS, Voice calls, etc. Instant delivery reports, Schedule Messages for later, Multi-language Support, and etc.

10. Staticking

Staticking is most popular transactional API OTP Gateaway in India. They are secure and safe to go for. This website have so many good reviews and got 4.9/5 rating several times.

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