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Mobile Apps Website – What to consider for your startup

Mobile Apps Website startup

Mobile Apps Website startup! What to consider for your startup?

Having a business and is very hectic in itself. You need to focus on various different aspects. The startup faces more challenges than others. The startup even has more things to worry about. The biggest worry of any startup is growth. Growth of business is the first thing. For achieving growth every business needs to maintain a presence on both the platforms. Offline as well as online. If you are planning your presence online first thing which comes to your mind is. Should you go for Mobile App or website. In this article, we will discuss Mobile Apps and Website. let’s get into today’s topic Mobile Apps Website startup!

Mobile App vs Website – Difference

One of the major difference between mobile app and website depends upon the factor of smartphones. Every phone is different from other. So device plays the major set back in both websites as well as mobile app.

Websites are developed and based on the browser which is based on HTML coding etc. The HTML pages are linked together with internet networks like WI-FI, 2G, 3G, VOLT. LIT etc. Websites are also adapting responsive sites. So that websites can cut the loss of traffic. Responsive websites are the key element. A responsive website means a website which can adjust its mode depending upon users smartphone, computer, tablet and etc.

Talking about Mobile Apps. You need to download and install them. Without rendering on the browser. No Special information! Just like website works on algorithms. Mobile Apps also work in a similar algorithm to some extent. Apps do need to pull content and data from the internet. Just like in case of website. Else it may need to download that content. So that it becomes accessible without an internet connection.

Advantages of Website & App

Having a website or App depends on your end goal. Your requirements always are main reason to opt for any of these.


Websites always enhance user experience on the different type of devices. You don’t need to develop a different type of website depending upon the different platform. On the other hand, talking about Mobile apps. Mobile apps require a different type of development depending upon the type of device. For example IOS, Linux, Windows etc. require a different type of Mobile app development. That means different operating system needs different development. They support easy integration with other mobile features like QR codes and text messaging.

Broader Reach

Mobile App can not reach to wide audience. As it is clear that that websites don’t require different type of development. In order to make your website compatible all you need to do is. Develop a responsive website. Which will automatically adjust its size according to the device you are using.

Support & Maintenance

If you have a website you would have already seen if you have one. Upgrading a website is easier you only need to upgrade it when you want to. You need to maintain just a single version of them. Users need to maintain the application every time. They have to update the application as soon as the new update is released by the Application owner. In website, they don’t need to do that the upgrade is immediately updated and users can use that.

Disadvantages of Website & Mobile Apps

Nothing in this world has only cons. Hence in this section, we have discussed some of the disadvantages of both.


You must have noticed. When you install a certain mobile application. That App requires some permissions as well. Like phone, storage, GPS, camera etc. In websites, these permissions are integrated. These are not well developed for responsive websites.

Responsive websites adjust the content depending upon the device you are using. However, it does not show all the content which your site might show to the visitor on the computer. The content on the website is less than that of the mobile app. Because the mobile app is specially designed for mobile. Hence it shows all the content visitor should see.


By the help of cached pages. Your website can still work offline with least functionality. Even if you build a lightest website you can use that offline. In the case of mobile apps that is nearly impossible, you need a good internet connection so that they work.

User Experience

Mobile apps don’t need to worry over single-page restrictions. Single page restriction means the user of the website should not move to another page at a time. The website generally has to face single page restriction.


Choosing between the website and mobile app depends upon your end goals. In case you want to develop a game that is obviously not possible on the website. But if you are a startup of e-commerce. You need to check upon your requirements. If your startup is best suitable on the website and you have a complete budget. Developing a native app is the best option. In terms of management. Website is easier to be maintained. So watch on your business requirement. Then go for the most appropriate option. No big difference can be seen in comparison. So choose according to your functionality. That is all for this article. Mobile Apps Website startup!

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